Who do we think we are?

Here at On Deaf Ears, we write about music, with occasional forays into other areas of popular culture.  And that’s about as focused as we get.

Gordon Winslow is a record geek. He has written a couple of pieces for established publications but wasn’t very happy with how they turned out, so he’s not going to tell you where they were published. Now that he writes for this blog, he can’t blame his editors. He also somehow managed to DJ college radio when he wasn’t actually in college. He lives in Austin, TX, with his dog, Fido Augustus, and his friend and renter, Fandon the Fun Marshal. He can be reached at gordon@ondeafears.com.

Jason is an old man living in Austin, TX. Jason is desperately clutching to the last shreds of his youth before Father Time and his cruel gang of Age Babies steal away his last precious moments of pre-adulthood. Jason accomplishes this task by writing ridiculous things on the About pages of blogs and, more importantly, by voraciously devouring all new music that he can get his grubby little ears on. Jason can be reached at jason-at-ondeafears.com.  Get ready to rock.

Alex is currently residing in the village of Huntington Beach in Orange County, California. I am currently the proud owner of over 1500 CD’s, 550 Vinyl LP’s, and as of 6/20/2008, 87.66 Gigabytes of MP3’s. I also have the “Miami Vice Soundtrack” on tape if anyone wants to borrow it. I play the Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin, Banjo, and Harmonica if anyone wants to jam. I’m currently playing in a Bluegrass quintet called “Tequila Mockingbird” in Long Beach. Upcoming gigs will be posted. I also make horrible drunken “The Big Lebowski” tribute Electro-Funk music which can be heard here.

Matt is a country disc-jockey in sunny north Louisiana. The morning drive-time shift keeps me busy from 6-10 every a.m. I enjoy Jeopardy in the afternoon, domestic beer, and The Clash. Don’t worry prospective reader, just because I’m in the “Hot Country” format at my day job does NOT mean I will be posting reviews of the new Martina McBride record or what have you. Probably.


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