The American Idol-Stryper connection

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In news that almost made me regret slamming her performance of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” earlier this week, I have learned that American Idol season 9 contestant Siobhan Magnus’ uncle used to be in Stryper! This makes me so happy, it’s unbelievable. No, I’m not joking. To Hell With the Devil was one of my first three or four rock cassettes. (Sing “Calling on You,” Siobhan!)

My investigative journalism on this subject turned up another factoid or two. Did you know that…

…everybody’s favorite Season 4 contestant, Constantine Maroulis, once sang with Twisted Sister at the NYSE’s Christmas tree lighting celebration?

Also on the bill for what must have been an awesome Christmas concert…Stryper!

Do the connections end there? They do not.

Did you know that…

Randy Jackson once played bass on a cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s classic, “Shining Star?”

It was on a 1990 metal album called Against the Law.

An album by…Stryper!

I do not yet know what all of this means. In an effort to figure it out, I assembled this handy diagram to show the connections between Idol and Stryper. Whatever it is that’s going on here, I think it’s reasonably safe to conclude that Randy “The Emperor” Jackson is the epicenter–the Stryper Svengali. For good or for ill, I know not.

I shall investigate further.

Figure 1: The Idol-Stryper connection

And, yes. This is the sort of hard-hitting investigative journalism you’ve come to expect from Idolpundit On Deaf Ears.


Stryper – “Shining Star” (featuring an invisible Randy Jackson)

Twisted Sister with Constantine “Constantine” Maroulis – “I Wanna Rock”

[Note that Constantine, ever the class act, takes a cheap shot at Stryper at about 3:45.

Dear Constantine: You’re not fit to polish Stryper’s boots.


Gordon Winslow]

[Update: I have been assured by commenters that my interpretation of Constantine’s remarks was incorrect, and that no swipe at Stryper was intended. I regret the error.]

Stryper – “Calling on You”

Stryper – “To Hell With the Devil”


6 Responses to The American Idol-Stryper connection

  1. Carol says:

    Constantine said “Santa’s helpers” not Stryper. Incidentally, Constantine is a fan of Stryper. He has worn their signature Tee Shirt while performing Rock of Ages on Broadway and went to their concert sometime last year when Stryper performed at Ashbury Park. He took this picture and posted it on his Facebook at

    and he captioned it as “Stone Pony, Stryper rules!”.

    See photo:

    You can also follow his twitter at

    • Carol:

      Because of the links, your comments were initially caught in the spam filter. I have taken the liberty of deleting your duplicate attempts. I hope I’ve kept the right ones.

      I took “…scream your heads off one time for Jesus” as a swipe at the God rockers who had preceded him on the bill. Nothing I have seen before indicates that Constantine has a religious streak, so that’s how it came across to me.

      If this interpretation is incorrect, I apologize.

  2. Ron says:

    I love Stryper & Twisted Sister, they are the ONLY 2 bands from the 80s’ that can still kick out the GREAT tunes. I don’t see there being anything wrong toward Stryper being said. They where going to be asked to come out on stage and join Twisted Sister what’s wrong with that. If people will get their heads on straight they will realize that Twisted Sister aren’t all that different from Stryper. If you really like and truely listen to Twisted Sisters’ music you’ll hear that they’re messages are just as right and true as Strypers’. They are all good men and I pray the best for each member of both bands. God Bless

  3. Ron says:

    Will their be a DVD of the NYSE Christmas Tree Lighting put together and released?

  4. CK says:


    I was at the show and, in fact, took that video and I truly don’t believe that any swipe at Stryper, or Jesus for that matter, was intended. As someone who has heard Constantine speak of Jesus and Church before and who is aware that he keeps an icon of St. Nicholas given to him by his priest in his Rock of Ages dressing room, I wasn’t surprised to hear him mention Jesus at the event which, with gospel singers and various of mentions of Jesus and Christmas throughout, did have a bit of a religious feel to it. The other song Constantine sang with TS was O Come All Ye Faithful.

    I could see how someone predisposed to see Constantine as classless could interpret the remark the way you did but thank you for being open to other interpretations. Thanks also for posting my video.

    Stryper, BTW, was great as well that day. Afterwards, Michael tweeted sweetly about meeting Billy Ray Cyrus and Constantine.

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