Introducing Idolpundit!

As you may recall, last year Jason and I did significant blogging on American Idol. This is a music blog, and while some may not care to admit it, Idol is music. On rare occasions, it’s even music of a very high caliber (Adam Lambert’s “Tracks of My Tears,” for example).

At the same time, the posts didn’t really fit. This is a record-geek sort of place, and the mass injection of pop culture that these posts delivered made for an odd and not entirely appropriate combination.

Because of this, we have elected not to cover American Idol here this year, even though those posts were among our most popular.

Instead, I am pleased to announce the launch of our sister site, Idolpundit!

If you’re an Idol viewer visiting because you liked our coverage last year, you’ll find all of our old Idol posts there. Jason and I will provide the same sort of coverage this season. We’ve also got two new writers who I think you’ll like a lot.

So drop on by and spread the word!

Below is just a small taste of the awesomeness you’ll get at Idolpundit.

Nikki McKibbin – “Cry Little Sister”


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