“I’m an American, boys.”

What song is that line from? I know, but you likely don’t. Somehow, I don’t get the impression that you’re about to rush out and spend money on a twenty-year-old album that I like and recommend when you can’t even hear one song from it. I don’t blame you.

Warner Music: Do you seriously think your posture is helping your catalog sales?

Here’s something else written by the artist you are not allowed to listen to. Someone else sang it. It will probably be yanked, too, so enjoy while you can.


One Response to “I’m an American, boys.”

  1. Guess I come across as pretty ticked off. Good. I had an essay composed in my head, only to find that Warner would rather me and others like me not promote the music on their label. Have it your way, Warner. Plenty of other albums to write about.

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