The Wrens – “Boys You Won’t Remember” live at Emo’s 7/21/2007, featuring ME onstage!!!

Holy crap! Just randomly found this on YouTube. This was from the Wrens’ last Meadowlands tour stop in July of ’07 at Emo’s in Austin, TX.  The song is Boys You Won’t Remember, and they pulled me and a bunch of other people up on stage.  For most of the video, you can see me in the very back banging on the rafters with a drumstick.  There’s a very brief close up on me at about 2:06, then another of me singing with Kevin at about 2:47.  In the screencap below, I am directly in the middle with my arm raised up.  I am an extreme fanboy, so this was a real thrill.  I only wish the video quality was better, but I’ll take what I can get! 

How often do you get to get onstage and sing with your favorite band in the world?  Best concert experience of my life by far!!!


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