It Might Get Loud

I really, really, really need to see this movie.  I have always had a fascination with the guitar as an instrument.  I bought an acoustic from a pawn shop in Beaumont, Texas back in 2002, and I just recently bought my very first electric.  I love music on so many different levels, and I had a burning need to step away from the sidelines and create something of my own.  I have no designs on becoming a rock star or even being in a band.  I just want to make music.  Some people want to paint, some want to knit, I just want to rock.

I had never heard about the movie It Might Get Loud before stumbling upon the trailer on the intarwebbernets, but even the very limited glimpse that is given in the trailer makes me infinitely curious and excited about what these three musicians will create when they get together.  Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White getting together in one room with their guitars sounds pretty close to heaven, and I’m stoked to see the result.  I hope that this comes to the Alamo Draft House so that I can drink some beers while I sit back and soak in the awesomeness.  Bring it!

Some observations:

1.  Does Jack White belong in this group?   Sure, he’s a mean player, but I’m not sure.  I guess the filmmakers are trying to pull together three different generations of guitarists, so it makes sense, but I don’t know that I would put Jack quite up there with Page and The Edge.

2.  On a similar note, does The Edge belong here?  He has a very distinctive sound that’s all his own, but how insane would it have been to see Eddie Van Halen take his place?

3.  Wow, Jimmy Page is looking old.

4.  All criticisms aside, this movie is still going to be incredible, and it just might change the way I look at the guitar.

5 Responses to It Might Get Loud

  1. The Edge and Jimmy Page have a history of collaborating, as does Jack White. Eddie Van Halen can shred, but he’s always the star of the show. Nothing wrong with that, but I understand the choices if the idea was to get folks to collaborate.

  2. Alex LaPointe says:

    I saw it at the Long Beach film festival. It’s really good. Your right, it is a generational thing. The other reasons I think they choose Jack White is that his music is sort of an amalgamation of many different styles and he is very very intelligent and well spoken.

  3. Holly R. says:

    I was hoping for AlamoDrafthouse too! Looks like it will only play at Dobie and Arbor Cinema on Sept 11 in Austin. See official film release dates here.

  4. Of course Edge belongs in it, he is the 2nd greatest living guitarist, and Page is the 1st. Jack White also belongs in the film because he is probably the greatest guitarist of the “new” generation. Eddie Van Halen is a has been who hasnt created a decent records in decades. The film sounds brilliant, possibly even the best film of 2009, and they made all the right choices.

  5. >> Wow, Jimmy Page is looking old.

    Im sure that you probably meant this comment tongue-in-cheek (at least I hope you did), but its because Jimmy Page IS old. Charlie Watts has looked old since the 70s, but I doubt anyone would deny that in a film of three drummers collaborating and discussing their art, Watts would definitely deserve to be one of them. As “old” as Pagey might look, he can blow any other guitarist out of the room.

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