Happy Father’s Day! “The Last Farewell” by Roger Whittaker

My father is not much of a music listener, and the music he does listen to reflects his love of history more than anything else (he’s a history professor).

This means that the music I heard on childhood road trips was a bit…odd. I know more Civil War ballads than people double or even triple my age have any right to know. I knew all of Johnny Horton’s historical songs, but didn’t hear most of his country and rockabilly material until I sought it out myself at a later age. And I heard a lot of Roger Whittaker.

This number popped into my head today, probably because I was thinking of my father. Prior to digging it up, I hadn’t heard it for around twenty-five years.

Listening to it again, it’s a great song, utterly undermined by over-the-top production and a vocal that can be charitably described as corny. Someone ought to do a minimalist interpretation. Why does Johnny Cash have to be dead?

The King also did a version of this song. It’s better, but still overproduced.

Anyway, here ya go.

Roger Whittaker – “The Last Farewell”

Love you, Pops. Happy Father’s Day.


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