One more reason why unemployment stinks.

I have been waiting for the release of the Neil Young Archives for over a decade. Today it’s finally released–and I’m mostly unemployed. No Neil Young Archives for me.

The CD version is only about $70 at Amazon, so I suppose I could ask for that for my birthday. But all the reviews say the Blu-ray version is the way to go, and that’s about $280, more than anyone’s going to spend on little old me.

If someone did, though, I would need a Blu-ray player. And an HD television to properly enjoy my Blu-ray player. So, even if things get better soon, it will be quite some time before I get to enjoy the Neil Young Archives.

Maybe I’ll just ask for the CD version for my birthday anyway and hope that at some point I am able to upgrade. I guess I did that with my cassette tapes back in the day, so I could do it again.

If it was possible for me to be even more motivated than I already am to find work, this would make me even more motivated.

Job offers welcome.

Here’s a promotional piece on the set:

If any of you out there buy this, please go ahead and make me jealous in the comments. I’d love to know what people think.


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