American Idol Power Rankings (5/12/09)

Idol LogoNo surprises in my rankings this week. The surprise to me is that the rest of the world seems to be finally noticing how good Kris Allen really is, to the point where some are predicting an upset.

I noticed that Kris was good early on, and I think the reason I noticed was because I was putting together these rankings and having to justify who moved up and who moved down. Even if no one reads the damn things (although I know some people do), I’ve enjoyed the exercise.

For the record, I had Kris ranked #6 (of 13), #4 (of 11), #4 (of 10), and number three from the top nine through the elimination of Allison last week. (Reminder: Power rankings are not predictive, they are a measure of quality.)

Without further ado:

  1. Adam Lambert. I disliked the arrangement on “One,” but the singing within the bad arrangement was quite fine. “Cryin'” was much better, although why they felt the need for a female backup singer on the verse I’ll never know. I think he may have been coasting a bit this week, but a coasting Adam is still top of the heap.
  2. Kris Allen. Will Kris get a slot in the finale? If he does, he’s earned it. I didn’t think it was possible for me to like “Heartless,” but it turns out there was a song buried in there after all.
  3. Danny Gokey was good last night…relative to Danny Gokey. He lacks Adam’s singing chops, he lacks Kris’ subtlety, and he lacks both of their creativity. If there is a more overrated contestant in the history of this show, I can’t think of who it might be. He should have gone home weeks ago, and I pray he goes home tonight.

Former Housemate Mike sends along his thoughts. I am surprised that he could see the keyboard and monitor through the voluminous clouds of crack smoke, but he managed to successfully type this up anyway.

I guess we agree on one thing–Gokey has been consistent.

Former Housemate Mike’s Power Rankings

I want to start with saying that this top three is with a heavy heart, because NO ONE, including Adam, was better to me overall than Allison. This is a travesty, to me, without her. That being said, let’s see some surprises…

  1. Kris Allen. I can’t believe this is happening. Kris won tonight by a mile. His “Apologize” was not great but very good. But, for the first time this year, in the first round tonight, he kicked Adam’s ass. Period. Then his “Heartless” REALLY put Adam on the hot seat, and you’ll see how I feel about that. Kris was pristine tonight. I never really liked Kris remotely before tonight. I would have been glad to see him go home every week before now. He hit the world’s biggest grand slam tonight. The exact opposite of Adam.
  2. Danny Gokey. Solid all year. Never really offended me. His opposition had more to prove/disprove tonight. He wins right now on consistency.
  3. Adam Lambert. Last week, after Allison finished last, I said that the final would now be anti-climactic. It would be Adam kicking some dude’s ass. I stand corrected. I didn’t think Adam could blow it. I stand corrected again. His “One” performance was dreadful. He jumped from the beginning right to the most important line at the end of the song with such awkward indulgence. Then, to make it worse, he blabbered on with vocal stylings to over-emphasize the “sisters and brothers” line that really made me borderline nauseous. If he had done just a little more with the actual song, it would have shown both respect and understanding of what it really is to cover a classic. He’s shown this before, so tonight blew my mind. Then came “Cryin'” and he did the same freakin’ thing. Abrupt jump from section to section. Terrible. Yes, his voice rocked as usual. But his arrangement and awkward indulgence reminds me of just how non-accessible he can be. He flat out blew it. No one should be surprised if he loses this week. But they still will be. And they will be stupid for that, because the reasons are clear.

…and then Former Housemate Mike touched a finger to his nose, winked, took one last puff of the crack pipe, and was gone. The sweet, burnt plastic smell of crack was the only sign that he had ever actually been there.


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