New Music: Japandroids – “Young Hearts Spark Fire”

There are certain bands out there today, few and far between, that manage to harness and embody certain aspects of youth.  The Gaslight Anthem effortlessly combine the introspective rebellion and poetic punk defiance of young hearts in turmoil.  Los Campesinos! are the epitome of the nerdy, smartass kid in the back of the class cracking timely and technologically savvy jokes that your grandma just ain’t gonna get.  It’s infinitely interesting to go back and examine bands that once held this claim, such as Weezer, and see just how lame they have become with age.  Nevertheless, there was a time when Rivers Cuomo and Co. sang songs about hanging in their garage surrounded by X-Men posters, and it felt right.

Japandroids embody a different aspect of youth than any of the previously mentioned bands.  Composed of just a singer/guitarist and drummer, this duo perfectly encapsulates the manic energy and simple, screaming emotion of hormone-fueled rage and joyous craziness that seems so important and vital when you’re young, only to be tarnished and dulled with the onset of age and the prospect of growing up to a future of tending the lawn and paying the mortgage.  For those who are still young, this music serves as a rallying cry to celebrate life with all of its bullshit ups and downs, and for those of us who have passed that turbulent time, it serves as a reminder to when every experience seemed so new, fun, scary, and important.  I really like this band, even though I’m old.  I hope you will like them too.  They’re a hell of a lot of fun.

Japandroids – “Young Hearts Spark Fire”

P.S. I’m pretty sure I meant to put the word “exuberant” in there somewhere, but looks like I missed it.  Oh well.


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  1. I liked it at first, but what on earth is something like that doing going on for five minutes? It should have been half that.

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