American Idol Power Rankings: 5/5/09

Idol LogoLast night’s show should have been subtitled “Pimping Gone Wild.” The judges are so determined to get rid of Allison and Kris in order to achieve a Gokey-Adam finale that they took complete leave of their senses. Allison’s terrific performance was panned, and Gokey gets an A+ for “effort” for butchering “Dream On.” Ridiculous. Apologies are in order.

So without further ado, here are my rankings for this week:

  1. Adam Lambert was born to screech metal songs. He absolutely tore it up, and there’s no way he ends up at the bottom like he did last week.
  2. Allison Iraheta is the queen of my world. She was absolutely right to pass on “Piece of My Heart,” and the judges were absolutely wrong to say anything bad about her performance.
  3. Kris Allen‘s “Come Together” improved with a second viewing–it wasn’t a masterpiece but I think the judges may have been too harsh. Not the right song choice, but not a disaster, either.
  4. Don’t get me started on Danny Gokey.

As is his wont, Former Housemate Mike sends along his rankings as well. As is also his wont, he’s apparently been hitting the ol’ crack pipe pretty hard.

  1. Allison Iraheta. I thought Allison was the best tonight again, and still tops overall. I don’t understand the judges, I think a lesser known Joplin song was a much better choice. She didn’t upstage Adam by any means, but I felt like she put a more relatable performance in this week. I also thought she hung right in there with Adam in the duet, much more than I expected because Adam definitely has the best pipes of the bunch. Way to go, Allison.
  2. Adam Lambert. Once again the “What the –?” performance of the week. His voice is out of this world. I want to touch on the arrangement of the show. It suited Adam best and Kris the worst. Adam finally has to go first, and it’s freakin’ rock week with only three other people. Then he also gets to go last. Unfair, sure, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t have lost if he went first every week. Really great vocals this week. I think Slash is probably foaming at the mouth at the chance to work with Adam, at this stage in his career.
  3. Danny Gokey. Dammit, Gokey, you almost blew it. The way the duets were set up were to accentuate Adam and Allison’s mutual awesomeness and to destroy Kris. Danny definitely upstaged Kris on the duet, and, FINALLY, Simon just said it after the ball-less judge calls before him. OK. Now the individual performance. I really liked it until the last note. I think he should have looked at it from a different angle. Kris was his competition this week. Kris was bland. He didn’t need to hit a home run and compete with Allison and Adam. That all being said, he was still better than Kris. Period.
  4. Kris Allen. This one will be short because I don’t want to repeat myself too much. Kris is lame. Kris is boring. Kris is a one trick pony who only gets points on occasional arrangement choices and the fact that his style of singing lends itself to few technical vocal errors. This week was rock week. He was screwed to begin with, and did nothing to save himself. They screwed him by making him get upstaged by Gokey twice, and then by the Adam-Allison duet. But it just confirmed the inevitable. Wow, I really wanted that to be shorter. We will never hear from this guy again unless on a Jamie Foxx record. THE END.

I’m trying to scrape up the money to go to California to do a crack intervention on Mike. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage that before the end of Idol season, so we’ll have a couple of more weeks of this.


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