American Idol Power Rankings: 4/21/09

Idol LogoAfter no movement last week, there is some movement this week.

  1. Adam Lambert. Are we witnessing the birth of a superstar? The press sure thinks so, and the chatter on blogs and message boards indicates the same thing. Of course, he’ll have to make a comeback after the awful first album he’s sure to make at the hands of 19 Productions.
  2. Allison Iraheta. Like last week, I didn’t care much for her performance, although her vocal was terrific.  Like last week, I considered flipping her with Kris Allen. But unlike everyone else in the world apparently, I didn’t care much for Kris’ open-mic night performance last night. So she stays here.
  3. Kris Allen. As with Allison, his performance last night was an interesting attempt that fell flat for me.
  4. Anoop Desai will never blow minds, but he’s found his niche. Another nice performance, even if it wasn’t particularly memorable.
  5. Matt Giraud. I wasn’t crazy about Matt’s performance, although he was OK last night, but at this point, I like him better than…
  6. Danny Gokey. Lately, the praise for him has been completely unwarranted. This is his third week in a row of raw, unfiltered awfulness, and I’m tired of listening to judges praise his mediocre singing, crappy song choices, and crappy arrangements. He started out the season strong, but he’s obviously coasting now–he has time to learn guitar! I want his complacent ass to go down.
  7. Lil Rounds was better than her usual last night, but not enough to pull her out of the bottom slot.

Former Housemate Mike sends his rankings in as well.

  1. Allison Iraheta. Thought she was the best of the night so she retakes number one. Loved the Pat Benatar arrangement. I hate disco, so I liked all the people who changed it up. Really thought the vocals were strong, and I thought she has rarely seemed more comfortable.
  2. Adam Lambert. REALLY liked this too. I’m sure he realized everyone expected him to do disco straightforward, and I thought his arrangement was terrific. His big note in the middle was Buckley-esque in the least offensive way to date. Really incredible, but still think Allison and Danny have a wider audience.
  3. Danny Gokey. Only thought he was middle of the road tonight, but still third overall. His vocals were excellent, and, again, I hate disco. Awkward was the word I thought of in his performance, however, as Simon did. I think even that will be seen as charming by many.
  4. Kris Allen. Kris finally cracks my top four. I’m glad we could finally hear the guitar, and it fit well. I think he finally topped Adam on most surprisingly good arrangement. It reminded me of how I liked David Cook’s “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie. Really liked him for the second straight week. Hell has frozen over.
  5. Anoop Desai. This was the hardest for me. I really liked the beginning. A lot. I didn’t like that he changed the tempo, as Simon didn’t, but then I was pleasantly surprised. I thought he showed good restraint to not go too far as many have with that type of arrangement on this show over the years. Yet I still found it kind of not memorable. I feel bad for Anoop, because, with high tempo stuff he can only be EITHER a fish out of water or really boring. I still really liked him tonight. I think he saved himself based on the bottom two.
  6. Matt Giraud. Can we get the save back? After this week’s performance, he should be forced to give it back. If Allison or Danny lose in the next two weeks, I blame Matt. Bland vocals at best, most cliche song choice, painful.
  7. Lil Rounds. Die. Please. Go away. You are so pointless. You waste our time every week. No one in the world is as good as you think you are. You make excuses, you complain, you are delusional. You are boring, flat, unoriginal, stubborn — God. I’m done. Oh, except that she went first also. She’s definitely gone.

See you later tonight for results!


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