Kanye West is a Gay Fish


If you happened to catch South Park last week, you saw a hilarious send up of Kanye West’s massive ego. If you haven’t seen the whole episode check it out here. If you are to lazy to watch it and/or your parents won’t let you, here is a synopsis. Jimmy comes up with the funniest (4th grade) joke of all time. Question: “Do you like fish sticks?” (pronounced fish dicks) Answer: “What are you a Gay fish?”. Eric Cartman (and Carlos Mencia) steal credit for the joke and it turns into a media phenomenon. Everyone on the planet gets it except for Kanye West. Eventually, Eric admits that stealing the joke was wrong and goes off on soliloquy about overinflated egos (directed at Mr. West). At the end of the episode, Kanye, still unable to comprehend why people keep asking him if he is a Gay fish, comes to the startling conclusion that he must himself be a Gay fish and dives into the ocean to a hilarious parody of his song “Heartless” where he proceeds to get his freak on with various male fishes.

Kanye surprisingly responded positively to this this episode on his blog the next day in a post titled “South Parked Murdered Me Last Night”. Mr. West, in a rather humble and thoughtful way, gives his reasons for the perception that people have of his ego and vows to try and be a more humble super-star in the future.  See the blog response and the entire, unedited Gay Fish song in the video below.

Kanye, for the record, I don’t think you’re huge douche. Keep it real, dog.

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