American Idol Power Rankings: 4/7/09

Idol LogoWith my nemesis Megan Joy gone, I don’t have nearly as much bile to spew this week. We’re far enough along in the competition that there isn’t much movement, as the contestants have pretty much shown who they are and what they’re capable of at this point.

  1. Adam Lambert. Last week, his weakest performance to date was still better than a lot of folks’ strongest performance. This week, his strongest performance keeps him towering over the competition. I’ve never thought he could win this, because his glam-rock uptempo numbers are most assuredly not to everyone’s tastes. But I’m starting to think that he can.
  2. Allison Iraheta wasn’t amazing last week, but was good enough to stay at number two. She comes back strong this week and is a lock at this spot.
  3. Kris Allen took a beating from the judges and really shouldn’t have.
  4. Anoop Desai. Simon’s right–he is like a yo-yo, and has been in the rankings. But he jumps Gokey because he didn’t desecrate “Stand by Me.”
  5. Danny Gokey. He’s a good singer, but his poor taste means he will likely be excruciating if he makes it to radio.
  6. Matt Giraud was better than his usual this week, but not better enough to move him up.
  7. Lil Rounds has lost me. Her inability to deliver anything special for several weeks in a row now will kill her unless she rights the ship soon. I’m starting to think she’s not capable of that.
  8. Scott MacIntyre. Once again has demonstrated that he doesn’t sing all that well and he likes awful music.

I don’t have Former Housemate Mike’s power rankings yet, but will add them when I get them.

Update: Here they are!

  1. Allison Iraheta. Allison came back really strong this week. There were some changes in melody I wasn’t fond of, but I still thought it was was the second best of the night, and enough for her to regain the overall lead.
  2. Danny Gokey. I thought he came across a little flat this week. I hated the arrangement and I can’t believe he cheated “Stand By Me” into the 80’s. Then it was like disco “Stand By Me.” Still sang it well, however, enough to keep him from dropping any lower, but somebody’s on his heels.
  3. Adam Lambert. Like Simon, I’m not sure words do it justice. I will say that I loved that he sang the original melody through a verse and chorus before he changed it up, and then his changes were respectful and really just quite great. This was the best of the night, of the year, you name it. More like this and “Tracks of My Tears” and he’s unstoppable.
  4. Matt Giraud. Matt goes down here even though he was WAY WAY WAY better than last week. I thought he was third best of the night, even. But Adam was such a juggernaut, and Danny and Allison have a lot of credit built up. Perfect song choice, I thought. He went back to a style that he can definitely do better than Kris, which has not been the case the past two weeks. A very nice shot back at the pointless guitar wielder.
  5. Anoop Desai. Big jump here for Anoop. He sang it very well tonight, didn’t concern himself with facial expressions, just sang the song. His changes were good, only Adam was better in that area. And I usually think the part where a singer stands for effect in the middle of a song is awkward, but he was surprisingly good at it. Although I thought he was in the top half tonight, he is more of a beneficiary of the lameness of Lil, Scott, and the evil Kris.
  6. Kris Allen. I praised him last week, but it’s back to normal this week. His arrangement of the song was almost as annoying as his stupid facial expressions. Loved Anoop’s impersonation of him last week, by the way. Ruined a perfectly good song. Shot at Matt again by singing surrounded by crowd, but was equally terrible. And the clappers around him were clapping so close to him at one point I thought they were going to slap him. Wishful thinking, I guess.
  7. Scott MacIntyre. Worst of the night by far. I can’t think of a way he could have looked less comfortable. Or made me less comfortable. Plus he was unlikable for the first time to me this year in critique, following the Alexis-Lil-Sarver excuse machine route. He had way too many changes and tried way too hard. There were so many bad notes. I’m going to stop now because I still like him, but I think he’s going home.
  8. Lil Rounds I think she SHOULD go home, however. Good God, how many times am I going to have to watch Lil Rounds prove how freakin’ mediocre and unoriginal she is? This is ridiculous. I’m actually becoming angry. Sing Whitney next week. Sing Etta James. Shoot, sing Beyonce. Keep making it worse. In another awful impersonation performance, Lil was consistently off the beat and not in an intentional cool way. She was bland. She was awkward. The arrangement was awful. The last note was painful, even moreso than the entire performance which was also very painful. She won’t lose, but why, God, why?

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