American Idol, 2009 – Episode 28 (4/8/09)

Idol LogoApologies to all–my “live” blogging is going to be late this week, as I have plans this evening so will have to watch it on the DVR later. When I do, I’ll place the recap below the fold.

Who Should Be in the Bottom Three

  1. Scott MacIntyre. I’ve just thought of a new nickname for him–Mac and Cheese. What do you think? Sums it up pretty well, I think.
  2. Lil Rounds. What a disappointment she is. I was initially a fan, but she’s just not very interesting, and last night she was just plain bad.
  3. Matt Giraud. A respectable performance last night can’t change the fact that he’s nothing special. He’ll survive to over-emote again, though.

Who Will Be in the Bottom Three

  1. Scott MacIntyre. The search is over, indeed.
  2. Lil Rounds. Bad Tina should sink her to the bottom three. I’m tempted to predict she goes home instead of Scott, but I can’t quite get there. Next week will likely be her time to go home.
  3. Kris Allen. I seem to be the only one who didn’t hate his performance last night. I defer to popular sentiment. No chance he goes home, though.

OK, I’m back! Doing this on Pacific time tonight. Pacific-and-a-half time, actually.

Flo Rida and Kellie Pickler are the guests of the American Idol variety hour. If only they were doing a duet…

Randy didn’t much care for last night’s show. I’ve seen certainly seen worse.

There’s a creepy photo of two babies with dubbed-on Paula and Simon heads.

Wow! They’ve actually done something really funny! Ryan starts out with old footage of Frankie Avalon singing “Venus,” because it’s from the year Simon was born (1959), and then Frankie Avalon actually comes out and sings the song. His voice is still terrific. Simon laughs very hard–I wonder if this was actually a surprise? Anyway, nice bit. Good work, Idol producers.

The year Idol was born was 2002, so the group number is Kylie Minogue’s awesomely catchy “Can’t Get You Our of My Head,” from that year. Wisely, they start with Allison–they should just let her do the whole thing herself, because it turns awkward as soon as everyone else joins in. They really are good at ruining perfectly good songs on this show. Although Lil’s part is actually pretty good–it would have been better than most of her other numbers had she picked it to sing one of those weeks.

The featurette is “The Making of a Ford Music Video.” Like you really want to know how such utter lameness is achieved.

Britney Spears’ “Circus” is the music video song, on the off chance you care. But the video isn’t about a circus, it’s about a magic show. Two different things, guys. At least, I’ve never seen a magic show at a circus.

The mayor of Kalamazoo is hear to support Matt Giraud. I wish I liked the guy from my home state of Michigan better, but I don’t vote geography.

Bottom three time.

Adam, Kris, and Anoop all stand up. Everyone raves about Adam again, and of course he’s safe. Either Anoop or Kris is in the bottom three, and it’s Anoop! Well, that sucks. He was great last night.

Now it’s time for that tremendous vocalist, Flo Rida, backed up by his zombie flygirls. He’s doing some awful variation on Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round.” I hope the confetti means it’s about over.

It is. Thank God.

Back to eliminations. Danny Gokey is up next. I hated what he did to “Stand By Me” last night, but of course he’s safe.

Matt Giraud is safe. Overpraised performance, but there were worse.

Here comes Scott MacIntyre. Widely predicted to be in the bottom three after last night’s disaster, and he is.

My girl Allison Iraheta is next, accompanied by Lil Rounds. Allison is safe, hallelujah! And Lil goes to the bottom three for the first time.

After the break, it’s time to pick Pickler! Break out the calamari!

She’s doing an overdramatic song apparently called “The Best Days of Your Life.” She’s bad on the low notes, but handles the big chorus OK. It wouldn’t be Kellie Pickler if she doesn’t say something stupid, so I sure so hope they interview her after this song.

Time to send someone back to safety–it really ought to be Anoop, but it’s Lil.

Back from the commercial, and it’s judgment day.

Scott is gone! Seems like a nice kid. I hope he can make a living playing music after this.

“The Search is Over” still has more cheese than the entire state of Wisconsin, and Scott still can’t hit the high notes.

They spend way too long torturing the poor kid, before finally telling him that he’s going home.

Good luck in the future, Scott, but you had to go.

See everyone next week!

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