American Idol, 2009 – Episode 27 (4/7/09)

Welcome to tonight’s live blog of American Idol.  I will once again be filling in for Gordon.  We have very different opinions, so get ready.  Sorry, I got started a bit late, so no long introductions from me!  We’ll start right after the jump!

I notice that they have abandoned the ridiculous thing where the judges walk out.  Sweet!  Thank god for a one hour show!

“The year the contestants were born” is tonight’s theme.  And the judges get some baby pics.  The amazing thing is that they all have the exact same IQ’s as pictured in their baby pictures!

Danny Gokey:  Gokey will be singing “Stand By Me.”  Right up his alley.  He starts off a little flat, and the easy listening/adult contemporary style is incredibly outdated.  Wow, we break into some disco.  This arrangement is awful!  Here come the glory notes.  Again, like every other week Gokey doesn’t really sound great until he gets to the chorus/ending.

Randy also hates the arrangement.  Kara is giving him a lot more praise than he deserves.  As is Paula.  She also likes the arrangment, so she’s obviously drunk.  Simon kind of agrees with me, but he adds in some extra little ass kissing for Danny.  Is this guy a judge’s favorite?  Duh.

Kris Allen:  He was good last week, and he’s definitely got the female vote wrapped up.  Let’s see how he does tonight.  “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” by Don Henley.  This is already bad because they have turned it into a funk lite song.  What was wrong with the original arrangement?  His vocals don’t fit this type of music, but the guitar will get him sexy points from the ladies.  Very lackluster after last week’s triumph.

Kara’s not really into it, with good reason.  Paula is rambling something awful, but I guess she likes it.  Simon says “indulgent.”  Drink!  Randy agrees with Simon, then blabbers for a while.  Not good for Kris!

Lil Rounds:  Lil has had several bad weeks in a row.  She will probably pull out a Patti LaBelle song or something.  Nope, it’s Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”  Close enough.  And again, Lil is not good.  She really needs some enunciation lessons!  She’s also behind the band on the chorus.  At least she’s screaming a “lil” less this week (rimshot!), but not much.  She’s not in good shape after that one!

Paula is not happy.  I hate how the judges always mention how she’s a “brilliant vocalist.”  Really?  She has not proven that at all.  Simon doesn’t like it either.  Randy makes sure to mention that hse’s “mad talented,” even though she has mad sucked since the first round.  Kara gives some solid advice about Lil’s poor lower range.  Who’d a thunk it?  At least they didn’t break out the kids this week for the sympathy vote!

Anoop Desai:  Is he going to sing Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors?”  I really hope not, because that seems like a bad fit.  First he will have to apologize for being a brat at judging last week.  And yes, he is singing “True Colors.”  Sounds okay, actually.  Wait, let me take that back.  He’s getting more and more flat and nasally as it goes on.  Not doing a great job of keeping with the beat either.  I think Anoop is going to get torn apart by the judges tonight.  He ends on a good note, one of the only ones of the whole poor performance.

Randy actually liked it.  Surprising.  Kara is a fan as well.  Paula likes it too.  Simon is satisfied, if not blown away.  Well, I didn’t like it, and that’s what counts!

Scott MacIntyre:  Let’s see what piano ballad Scott whips out this week.  His look is actually improving every week.  “The Search Is Over.”  Gross.  What?  No piano?!  Whips out the guitar too!  His voice sounds like it usually does, not so great, but reasonably pleasant.  It has way more energy than any of his other performances, but his high notes were very squealy.  Not bad for a Scott performance, but not great. 

Kara was not very impressed.  Paula is confused by the guitar, but it’s cool, because Scott is punk rawk!  Simon’s not liking it, calling the song itself horrible.  Randy didn’t dig it, dawg.  Sorry, Scott!

Allison Iraheta:  Allison sings Bonnie Raitt, which is actually a great choice.  She sounds great tonight, but the song is a little boring for Allison’s rocker persona.  Still, her vocals are very impressive.  I love this girl.  Why doesn’t America?

Paula loves it and enjoys Allison’s tender side.  Simon says it’s very good, but doesn’t like her personality.  Randy is reminded of Kelly Clarkson, in a good way, but agrees that she needs to talk more.  Is this a talking competition?  Kara likes it and wants to make a record.  Stay away, Kara!  You will taint her with your suck!  Yay, Allison!  Good job!

Matt Giraud:  Matt is going to be doing “Part Time Lover,” which has a bad history on this show.  Remember Kevin “Chicken Little” Covais?  It starts off really well, but then they break into this slap bass funk version that’s not doing him any favors.  If he had kept it slow like the beginning, he would have been much better off.  The tempo hurts him, and the falsetto is an absolute disaster.  Even the scat singing can’t redeem it.  Ouch!

Randy and Kara are in love, as is drunk Paula.  Simon likes it too.  They must have seen a different performance than me.  Seriously, there were some really bum notes scattered all throughout that performance. 

Wow, we are way behind tonight.  I’m glad I’m not watching this on the DVR, or I would probably miss Adam’s performance.

Adam Lambert:  Adam gets the pimp spot tonight.  He’s doing “Mad World” by Tears For Fears.  I’ll be he pulls out the Gary Jules arrangement.  Yep, he is doing the Donnie Darko version.  This is actually his weakest performance yet.  Glam it up, Glambert!  Adam turns on the rock a little bit towards the end, but he sounds kind of Bee Gees (not in a good way) during the verses.  And he fumbles the ending note.

Simon gives a standing ovation on behalf of all of the judges.  Wow.  For that?  Okay. 

So, in my opinion at least, it’s was a pretty poor night for just about everybody except Allison.  Come on, America!  Keep Allison out of the bottom three this week.  She deserves it as she is the only great singer on the stage.

Good night!


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