Follow Up: Soda Stereo

As of yesterday’s post about Los Saicos, I have now written two posts that reference massively popular Argentine rock band Soda Stereo.  I thought it only fair that I post some of their music as well, seeing as how they are perhaps the greatest Spanish language rock band ever.  Both of the songs I am posting come from their 1996 MTV Unplugged album “Comfort y Musica Para Volar.”  While not even close to being “unplugged,” the album is one of the best live records I have ever heard, and the interpretations of their songs are vastly different from the originals.

First up is the slow and heartbreaking “Té Para Tres.”  The song is told from the viewpoint of a man having tea with his wife.  While it is just the two of them there, the man knows that she is thinking of her lover, thus the song’s title, translated as “Tea for Three.”  This version of the song ends with some incredible guitar work from frontman Gustavo Cerati, who plays like a South American David Gilmour.

Soda Stereo – “Té Para Tres

The next song is perhaps one of the sexiest pop/rock songs ever recorded: “En la Ciudad de la Furia.”  The original version of this song was an uptempo rocker along the vein of U2 or Depeche Mode, but the version recorded for their Unplugged set is a slow burning ball of fire and sex.  The lyrics reference an Icarus-like protagonist, representing Argentina’s angry and restless youth, flying at night through Buenos Aires, the “city of fury.”  Here the band is joined by female Colombian singer Andrea Echeverri, who adds her own unique and sensual voice to the mix.  Capped off with some more blistering guitar work by Cerati, this is one of my favorite songs that Soda Stereo ever recorded.  The actual performance can be watched here, but since embedding is disabled on that one, below is a fan video with audio of the performance.

Soda Stereo – “En la Ciudad de la Furia


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