American Idol Power Rankings: 3/31/09

Idol LogoTwo big movers this week, both in the wrong direction. I thought Anoop was decent, but it wasn’t good enough to keep him at number three, where I had him ranked after two excellent weeks. Matt Giraud was just plain bad, so he drops as well.

  1. Adam Lambert. It’s something new and different every week with Adam, which is appreciated. Out of his big-stage performances, this was probably the least of them, but it was still plenty enjoyable and better than most of the competition.
  2. Allison Iraheta also has yet to deliver a turkey. She could make a fine rock-edged pop singer like Kelly Clarkson or Pink and deliver guilty pleasure after guilty pleasure if she can stay alive.
  3. Kris Allen. I did not like Kris Allen prior to the top thirteen, but through the weeks he has gradually and grudgingly earned my respect. Last night’s mind-blowing take on “Ain’t No Sunshine” was a season highlight.
  4. Danny Gokey finally lived up to his potential with a good performance last night. He ranks this high mostly because others sunk, but he was still good.
  5. Anoop Desai. I really want Anoop to do well, mainly because I think I’d much rather hear Anoop singles over the PA while shopping than Danny Gokey or Scott MacIntyre singles. He’s got some work to do if that’s going to become a possibility.
  6. Lil Rounds. Like Scott MacIntyre, she does the same thing over and over again. I like her material better though, excepting this week’s Celine Dion song.
  7. Matt Giraud. I was really torn as to how far to drop him since I hated him this week but really liked him last week. Lil, Matt, and Scott are fairly interchangable in slots six through eight.
  8. Scott MacIntyre. He had a good performance this week, but unfortunately it was of “Just the Way You Are.” Upcoming performances include “My Place in This World” by Michael W. Smith and “Hold on to the Nights” by Richard Marx.
  9. Megan Joy. They got rid of Tatiana for this?

Former Housemate Mike has also sent his list over the transom (what the hell is a transom, anyway?).

Former Housemate Mike’s Power Rankings

  1. Danny Gokey. Allison left herself open for a drop and Danny is the only one who grabbed it. Best of the night and second best of the season, and I’m never REALLY annoyed by him, so there you go. So sincere, so strong on the vocals. I’m not going to lie, I was moved.
  2. Allison Iraheta.This was her worst of the season, but, to her credit, I still almost kept her at number one. I liked her vocals, as usual, but I thought it sounded too much like Gwen Stefani at the beginning, and was rushed and off the beat after that. I also think the guitar was a bad choice, as it seemed to become a performance hindrance after the first ten seconds.
  3. Matt Giraud. Thank God for him he was so good the first three weeks, because he was the worst tonight. However, cumulatively, I have to keep him high. This week it was a really bad Fray impersonation, and it think it showed a bit of desperation on his part. I also hated his attitude during critique. He really looks like he’s losing it. He was in the bottom three last week because he went first. This week he’ll be in the bottom three because he was terrible. I think he’ll rebound, but if he’s bad, expect a HUGE drop here next week.
  4. Megan Joy. You know what? I just still like her. Her voice is cool. Period. In this group, that’s enough. Her odd gyrations and seemingly tremendous lack of balance, both physically and psychologically, are becoming uncomfortable, but she’s still not nearly as obnoxious as the return of crappy Adam.
  5. Adam Lambert. His performance last week keeps him high cumulatively, but he returned to crappy, indulgent, drunk party performer Adam. Worst song choice in recent memory, the definition of cheese. Was “Super Freak” unavailable? “Dancing Queen”? I’m still banking on “It’s Raining Men” before too long.
  6. Kris Allen. First off, Kris kicked ass this week. Kills me to say it. But he did. Both cumulatively and this week, I still feel some hollowness, but I’m starting to respect his game plan. He put a target on Matt’s head tonight, and succeeded. I hope he continues to do this and does “A Place in This World” by Michael W. Smith as soon as possible to take out Scott. I’m waiting one more week, but if he upstages Matt again, and assuming Matt is still around next week, expect another shift here with these two.
  7. Scott MacIntyre. The sad thing about this is that I thought Scott was the second best of the night. But I also think he picked the wrong Billy Joel song. “Always a Woman” would have torn it up. Shit, I’d almost have preferred “River of Dreams.” But, bottom line, there’s little he could have done. He’s really not right for this, and I’m still pushing for a mercy kill sooner rather than later so he can move on to his contemporary Christian career. I want to stress again that if I was picking just my favorites, he’d be number four. He won’t lose this week, but I hope it happens soon.
  8. Lil Rounds. I don’t even think she’ll be in the bottom three for a couple of weeks, but I’m so tired of this. I don’t want to say anything else because she hasn’t changed at all and she’s already wasted too much of all of our collective time. BORING.
  9. Anoop Desai. Adios, buddy! I’m really glad that he didn’t lose first week, because I still think his “Always On My Mind” in week 2 was in the top 5 of the season. But tonight, I would hope, should take him out. It was SO painful. He was trying to look all hard and intense, but just looked angry and ugly. And he’s NOT ugly, but he makes ugly faces. Terrible. He was awkward, off key at times, and just painful. He was totally out of his element, which proves yet again that he has NO idea what his element should be. And his friends’ shots didn’t help. That one dude was booing and clapping at the same time. That definitely added to Kara’s frat comments in critique. Plus he went first, which I feel is the ONLY reason Matt was in the bottom three last week. I’d be shocked if he didn’t go home this week.

Once again, lots of disagreement, although we’re starting to see eye-to-eye on a couple of things.

See you later tonight with results!


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