American Idol, 2009 – Episode 26 (4/1/09)

Idol LogoGood evening and welcome to this week’s results show, which could be an exciting one, as a couple of former fan favorites are in danger.

Below, I’ll live-blog what did happen. In this space, I’ll detail what should happen and what I think will happen.

Who Should Be in the Bottom Three

  1. Megan Joy. Yet another bad performance. People should start to see that she’s a bad singer who had a couple of OK nights, not a good singer who had some bad ones. She needs to fly away.
  2. Scott MacIntyre. An improved performance still doesn’t make him interesting.
  3. Matt Giraud. After finally delivering a great performance and getting stuck in the bottom three anyway, he bombs big time on a night when he could ill afford to.

Who Will Be in the Bottom Three

  1. Matt Giraud. I think his natural fan base has decided that they like Kris Allen better. Between the vote-splitting and a bad performance, it’s over for Matt.
  2. Megan Joy. I don’t see how this hasn’t happened yet, but it will, finally, tonight.
  3. Anoop Desai. He went first, and his performance was panned. That should be enough to net him a bottom three appearance.

Speaking of Anoop, I had better post this video now, just in case he gets eliminated tonight.

“Anoop Sensation”

(Via Top Idol.)

Live nude blogging and spoilers below the fold once the show starts at 8:00 Central.

Off to the races! This WWE-style montage is way too much for a corny results show/variety hour.

And I see Alexis Grace is in the audience tonight. I wonder if they’ll try to push her even though she crashed and burned. Simon sure liked her at first.

Simon picks Anoop, Matt, and Megan as the people who should be concerned. Same as mine!

Another awful Ford video. <Sigh>.

Our lip-synced group number is “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. Smartly, they give the opening to Allison. It goes quickly downhill from there. Gokey does a pretty good Steve Perry impersonation, though. And they’re starting to pimp Adam Lambert quite a bit.

“The Life of an Idol” featurette is about what you’d expect. Scott confesses to liking the Ford video shoots. Gokey doing an imitation of Matt’s Coldplay performance on a night where Matt is likely to be eliminated seems a little cruel.

And here comes our bottom three.

Megan Joy, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen–oh, man, their going to make this complicated, because their pulling up Adam, Lil, and Allison as well. And then Scott, Adam, and Danny. Will this be “one of these groups is our bottom three?”

Looks like it. Off to the commercial.

We’re back with David Cook doing “Please Come Back To Me,” a song about a loser hoping the girl who dumped him comes back. (OK, I’ve been that loser before.) It’s a throwback to the mid-to-late ’90s phony “alternative” stuff like Candlebox. I’m glad they’re not marketing it that way. The song is repetitive, but I bet the ladies love it.

Glad to hear that he went overseas to visit the troops. He just went up a whole lot in my estimation. Good for him. We need more of that sort of thing from our celebrities.

Then they present him with his plaque for going platinum, show a clip of the video for the song we just heard, and it’s time for another commercial.

Kris Allen–Safe. Was anyone worried?

Matt Giraud–Safe! His fans must have really rallied. First prediction up in flames.

Megan Joy–Oh, my goodness! She just cawed her way to the bottom three! Waving her arms like a bird! I have got to find that clip on YouTube.

Lil Rounds–Safe.

Allison Iraheta–Rats! She’s in the bottom three again. Boo!

Adam Lambert–Safe.

Danny Gokey–Safe. Why play drama with that one?

Just Scott MacIntyre and Anoop Desai left. Scott is safe. It’s Anoop! Who is going to go? Cut to the break.

Lady Ga-Ga will now entertain us with a song called “Poker Face.” I have never heard of Lady Ga-Ga, but I’m going to assume you have because I’m too confused to type a description. This is a hit? Interesting. It’s sort of like Pink starring in the Rocky Horror Picture show with a lot of LSD mixed in.

Back from the break–who is going to safety? Allison! Thank you!

Megan is gone! No way they’re going to save her. And they won’t. Simon pretends it’s because of a remark she made earlier, but actually, it’s just because she’s lousy.

We get to hear her warble through “Turn Your Lights Down Low” again, and that will be it for Megan.

Man, this chick is weird.

I’m going to sort of miss ripping her apart each week, but I’m glad it was her instead of Allison or Anoop.

Next week: songs from the year the contestants were born, AKA, the show that makes me feel very old. See you then!

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  1. Kim Phillips says:

    I enjoy reading your live synopsis every week – thanks so much!

    • Kim:

      Thanks for dropping by! They are fun, if a bit exhausting to write in real time. Knowing people enjoy them makes it worth the effort.

      Make sure you also check out Jason’s recaps–he can’t do it in real time, so they are usually posted later that night or early the following day. Also, the power rankings I put together with Former Housemate Mike. All three of us disagree a lot, which makes it more fun.

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