American Idol Power Rankings: 3/24/09

Idol LogoThe best are still the best and the worst are still the worst, but there’s a lot of shifting this week as the middle sorts itself out.

Once again, I’ll post my rankings, followed by Former Housemate Mike’s rankings to provide a different perspective because I’m fair and balanced like Fox News.

  1. Adam Lambert. As I wrote yesterday in my show recap, it’s becoming more and more clear that Adam is a major talent. He’s easily the most electrifying contestant since Fantasia, and switching up his act this week to soulful crooner, and then delivering the goods in a major way, was a masterstroke.
  2. Allison Iraheta. The judges had to give her the money slot and pimp her majorly in their comments in order to keep her alive after she wrongly ended up in the bottom three last week. While I’m not wild about show manipulation, if they’re going to do it, she provides a good reason. She’s been great most of the time, and when she’s fallen short, she’s merely been very good. Why she isn’t clicking with the larger public, I don’t know, but I hope they start to take notice.
  3. Anoop Desai. In two weeks, Anoop has, as Simon said, jumped from zero to hero, transforming himself from a mediocre novelty act into an ace balladeer. He’s going to need to demonstrate that he can handle a broader range of material to stay this high in the rankings. Can he pull it off? He’s developing very quickly–one suspects that no one but Scott MacIntyre is practicing harder–so it’s quite possible that he can.
  4. Kris Allen. I don’t see myself ever buying a Kris Allen record, but he has been consistently good, which makes him the best of what I’m starting to think of as “the bland boys”–Kris, Matt, and Danny. He tries new things, and he seems to have an excellent sense of where his niche is and what his fans want.
  5. Matt Giraud jumps Danny Gokey this week with his surprisingly excellent rendition of “Let’s Get it On.” Matt’s been way over the top in his performances, but last night’s vocal was controlled and soulful. Was it a fluke, or a sign that Matt is maturing as a singer? Time will tell.
  6. Danny Gokey. While Danny obviously has the raw talent to become an excellent singer, he keeps making errors in judgment, including ignoring Smokey Robinson’s advice to the detriment of his performance last night. Danny is a music director–is it an ego problem where he can’t imagine that someone may know more than he does? Whatever it is, it’s stopping  him from being in the top ranks of this competition, which is where someone with his talent should be. He’s got a big fan base, but I think people are going to start catching on if he doesn’t improve pretty quickly.
  7. Lil Rounds. While Lil’s performances are enjoyable individually, as a body of work it just isn’t very interesting. Because of this I’m dropping her in the ranks even though I liked her last night. She needs to stretch, and successfully, very soon or she’ll be gone no matter how many times the judges pimp her as a great singer and a front-runner.
  8. Scott MacIntyre. He just doesn’t have it as a singer. After each performance, the judges say they know he can sing better. What evidence do they have of this? I haven’t heard much.
  9. Michael Sarver. Michael Sarver has no identity, at least not one that’s very interesting. He’s tanked the last two weeks, and I don’t think he’s going to get another chance.
  10. Megan Joy provides me with no joy at all. I dislike her voice, and her campy performances, unlike Adam’s, are accidental. I don’t even think she’s as good looking as everyone says, although she certainly is an attractive young woman. It’s a shame that she has a slot when so many worthier contenders didn’t get one. Like Anoop, she was a novelty act. Unlike Anoop, she still is and I don’t think the act is intentional.

Former Housemate Mike’s Power Rankings

  1. Allison Iraheta. Tore it up yet again. Her vocals and presence are SO strong. I don’t think anyone is close to her yet, so I really don’t understand the voters. Only the second best of the night, because of a shocking upswing.
  2. Matt Giraud. I really like Matt’s chances if he continues like this. Third best of the night, and still getting better. Excellent arrangement, great vocals and performance, just solid overall.
  3. Adam Lambert. Dammit. I still kinda hate him, but it was the best performance of the night. Of the season. Probably in years. Dammit. Got to give him credit, he was heartfelt, his vocals and arrangement were classy, tight, occasionally other-worldly. And he didn’t ever appear indulgent. It’s like a guy in the NBA who averages 40 points over three games, but he scored 10 in each of the first two and 100 in the third. That’s how huge this was, and it forces me to give him a big bump in ranking.
  4. Danny Gokey. Not a mind-blowing performance but solid enough for him to move ahead of 3 serious slumpers this week. Really tight vocals, liked his energy. Not a big fan overall, but he’s definitely hungry.
  5. Megan Joy. Oh, Megan. Are you insane or adorable? Are you a genius or a freak? I don’t know, but, regardless, this week was hard to watch. Her, ahem, “choregraphy” leaves something to be desired to say the least — but I still find it oddly charming. I still admire her originality, and most of this group is terrible, so 5 it is. I also think she might lose this week, but a couple of guys probably bailed her out.
  6. Michael Sarver. Big drop for Michael this week. He really struggled vocally, and is starting to be a one-trick pony. Still admire his charm and sincerity, but he needs to step it up. Also, his critique comments were on point last week, but he might be in trouble this week because he was an excuse machine like Alexis and Lil last week.
  7. Scott MacIntyre. A drop for Scott, too. I almost want to call for a mercy kill on Scott. He seemed so lost and frantic, almost terrified last night. I don’t think he has a chance of winning, and I’m starting to think that we should all just let him go start his contemporary Christian career, which will
    likely be very successful.
  8. Anoop Desai. Regressed a bit this week, as he seemed to try to recapture last week’s magic but just didn’t seem to have the same substance. It was like he did a bad impersonation of himself. Seemed very awkward and very boring through most, though it did get better toward the end. I think there are a few horses in the race to go home this week, but, for my money, I’d take Anoop, with Scott to place.
  9. Lil Rounds. I give her two more weeks, but she doesn’t deserve it. Seen this SO many times. Bad impersonation of great singers of her genre. Terrible song choice, arrangement. Yelled a lot. Top to bottom forgettable.
  10. Kris Allen. Widened the gap this week between him and Adam on the “Want Him Dead” scale. He is cheesy, flat, and generic. He yells more than Lil. The David Cook yell at the end was insulting to David Cook (How sad is that?). And why is he playing the guitar? You can’t hear it, all it does is give him an avenue to be a more awkward Dave Matthews (What?). He might as well get a wooden cut-out guitar like Jimmy Ray. Yet he won’t lose because people eat up crap like this with a spoon. This guy sucks.

It looks like Mike may have spent a little less time on the ol’ crack pipe this week, but I don’t understand the Kris Allen hating, liking Megan Joy, or giving any kind of love to Michael Sarver.

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