100 Best Indie Rock Albums. Something Fun to Bitch About

Amazon’s ChordStrike blog features its editors’ picks of the 100 best indie rock albums of all time. Number one? Guided by Voices’ Bee Thousand, a great album that should by no means be ranked above Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation (#12) or the Replacements’ Let It Be (#32–that’s a joke, right?).

At least Slanted & Enchanted, Exile in Guyville, and Surfer Rosa get some respect.

A commenter rightly takes them to the woodshed for not including anything by Joy Division or Big Star. Those omissions pretty much render this list stupid as any kind of legitimate ranking, but the list at least gives me some good suggestions for things to buy once the economy settles down and I start buying things again. Although I hesitate to make purchases based on the recommendation of people who think Bright Eyes’ Lifted is the 21st best indie rock album of all time, or Beulah’s filler-laden When Your Heartstrings Break is number 37.

And where the hell is Southern Rock Opera?

The list is here if you’re looking for something fun to bitch about. (And really, who isn’t?)

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