American Idol Power Rankings: 3/17/09

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What a difference a week makes. Last week’s show had several excellent performances; this week there were only two. Quite a bit of shuffling from last week’s power rankings as I try to figure out who’s actually worth a damn.

Rankings are cumulative, not based only on tonight’s show.

  1. Adam Lambert. He’s sang three times now, and knocked it out of the park each time. I don’t know if the world’s ready for a glam-rock revival led by a gay American Idol, but he’s priming the pump (so to speak).
  2. Allison Iraheta. A good performance of a poor song choice, so she loses the top slot to Adam who has had three great performances of three excellent song choices (well, “Black or White” worked anyway). Since she had a lousy slot, she’s very likely to go home. That would be grossly unfair.
  3. Lil Rounds. Tonight was not her best, but she was still better than nearly everyone else.
  4. Kris Allen. You know, if I have Kris Allen at number four out of eleven, that means there are a lot of singers I don’t like this year.
  5. Danny Gokey. Out of his three big-stage performances, one-and-a-half have been good, and one-and-a-half have been awful.
  6. Matt Giraud. He’s consistently decent. Nothing special, but decent. I wish he wouldn’t overdo everything he’s handed, and I wish the judges would tell him not to.
  7. Anoop “Noop Dogg” Desai. If next week is as good as tonight, he’ll likely jump the three I have ahead of him. Best performance of the evening and one of the best of the year so far. But he’s got a lot to make up for so he stays in the bottom half for now.
  8. Alexis Grace. Last week I questioned whether or not she could keep it up after finally delivering one good performance. The answer appears to be “no.”
  9. Scott MacIntyre. He’s just not a very good singer, and his taste in music is utterly awful.
  10. Michael Sarver. There isn’t anything remotely interesting about him.
  11. Megan “Lesbian Seagull” Joy. She is simply horrible. I fully understand why the folks at Vote for the Worst have embraced her.

Once again, Former Housemate Mike sends along his power rankings. Once again, Former Housemate Mike appears to have watched the show while sucking vigorously on a crack pipe.

Former Housemate Mike’s Power Rankings

  1. Allison Iraheta. Not the obvious best this week like last, but still tremendous. Her voice seems to lend itself to every type of song. Not as much as Michael, but seemed winded late in the song.
  2. Matt Giraud. Again, a drop off, but still very strong overall. Sadly, he upstaged Scott again seeming much more refined and comfortable singing and playing piano. Yes, I know Scott’s blind.
  3. Megan Joy. Megan — My second favorite performance of the night. I think she’s terrific. So original, so easy on the ears. Loved the choice of song, she’s a real throwback vocally.
  4. Michael Sarver. Michael– Again, a really sincere, real performance. Not as strong of a singer at all as Adam or Danny, but also a lot more heart and soul. He is what he is, and not just trying to show off or win points. And, again, really got winded late.
  5. Scott MacIntyre. Again, upstaged by Matt, but really solid. His Comtemporary Christian thing is gonna get old, but, for now, he’s coming across as really hungery AND really sincere and true to himself, unlike most I ranked below him who have no idea who they are. Some bad notes, but still came across as very classy.
  6. Danny Gokey. Really think he is overrated. The first part of the song was so terrible. It’s gotten really irritating over the years on this show watching people mail it in at the beginning of a song until their vocal range catches up for a “big finish” that’s easy for the judges to remember on comment on.Really getting old, and that was Danny in a nut shell.
  7. Anoop Desai. Big jump this week for Anoop, as he had the best performance of the night by a mile. Really impressed me. Pure, sincere voice and delivery. He held back when he needed to. Damn near perfect.
  8. Kris Allen. I liked him more this week, but he was also much more boring this week. A REALLY crappy version of the song. Worst arrangement of the night. Oh, wait, haven’t gotten to Adam yet. Bad notes, no hook. He’s fortunate others bailed him out from being the worst.
  9. Lil Rounds. Sorry, but really tired of the black female singer who sounds pretty good but is nothing remotely special. Is there no other Fantasia out there? She doesn’t even need to be Fantasia, just better than chicks I see in karaoke. Still one of the better female singers in the bunch, but has absolutely NO identitiy. Seemed really awkward and lame, and only made things worse by becoming an excuse machine in the critique section.
  10. Adam Lambert. Big drop for the most atrocious, offensively bad and sacreligious performance in recent memory. Praised for being original when he just ripped off an arrangement from Rock Star: Supernova, then ripped off Jimmy Gnecco’s (Ours) vocal style in the most indulgent (nice, Simon), painful experience of the season. I now want him dead. Congrats, Kris, you’re off the hook. And Randy’s Nine Inch Nails comment? What? Seriously, WHAT? AWFUL.
  11. Alexis Grace. I think she’s been taking Paula’s pills. Great song, hit some good notes, but overall seemed to not really feel the song, just did it like a high school play, where the kids are saying the lines in a “dramatic way” while showing zero comprehension of the material. Like Lil, an excuse machine in the critiques. Really awkward and shaky. She’s in real trouble.

So we agree that Allison is great and Alexis is not, and that’s about it. It will be interesting to see if we converge at all as the season progresses.

Update: Adam’s model for “Ring of Fire.”

Update 2: Or maybe it was this? (Via Vote for the Worst comments.)


3 Responses to American Idol Power Rankings: 3/17/09

  1. I did not watch “Rock Star: Supernova,” and, based on that, I’m glad I didn’t. Adam’s vocal arrangement was superior to that chick’s in every way. What was her strategy, go smoke ten packs of unfiltered Camels and then talk her way through it? She sounds about one step and two packs away from an electrolarynx.

  2. Someone left a comment at VFTW suggesting that the actual inspiration was Wall of Voodoo’s version. I think that’s more likely. I’ve added that version to the post as well.

    Also, Rock Star: Supernova was an awesome show. Of course, I thought The One was an awesome show…

  3. Jay Ramni says:

    i liked Adam’s performance

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