American Idol, 2009 – Episode 14 (2/25/09)

I will be filling in for Gordon for tonight’s live blog of “American Idol.”  There will probably be a bit more snark, but I will try to keep it objective.  I promise not to call anyone a crapweasel.

I will say that, unlike Gordon, I am a fan of Nick Mitchell/Normund Gentle, but  no special treatment.  I also liked Tatiana, and I hope to see her back next week.

Here we go! (spoilers below the fold)

Obligatory pre-show judges banter.  Blah blah blah.  Get to the singing!

Jasmine Murray – I remember her.  She was good in the auditions.  Cute girl.  Let’s see how she does on the live stage.

“Love Song” by Sarah Bareilles (sp?).  A little low for her on the opening verse, but the chorus sounds okay.  She doesn’t have very impressive stage presence or breath control.  She’s falling apart a bit at the end here.

Randy, Paula, and Kara agree with me.  How about Simon?  Simon agrees too.  Doesn’t look good for Jasmine.

Matt Giraud – The piano bar guy.  I hate piano bars, but this guy seems pretty good.  We’ll see.

He takes a Cold Play song, which isn’t a good choice for him, I think.  Sounds very nervous and lacking in confidence.  He also can’t keep up with the beat.  Lots of bum notes here.  I have a feeling the judges are going to destroy him.

Paula claims to be off the painkillers, but you wouldn’t notice from her rambling.  Looks like I was dead on.  They really want him to go through, apparently.  “He was bad, but still vote for him!”  Whatever.

Too many freaking commercials!!!  I miss watching this on the DVR.  Can’t… fast… forward!

Jeanine Vailes – Don’t remember her at all.  Pretty though.  Angelina Jolie called, she wants her lips back.  Sorry.

Yuck, Maroon 5.  Bad choice for her.  Wow, she’s really off key.  Through the whole freaking song.  Is anyone going to be good tonight?

Judges agree, and another one bites the dust.  Maybe she should’ve sung that!

Nick Mitchell – After the break, we’ll find out if Nick is going to play it straight (no pun intended), or if the headband and glasses will appear along with alter ego Normund Gentle.

“And I am Telling You.”  Normund!  This will not end well, but it should be entertaining!  Good god, he’s hilarious!  “Doogie!”  Genius!

Okay, it wasn’t good from a singing standpoint, but from a comedy standpoint, I loved it.  Maybe not right for this show, but great anyway.  Even the judge’s panel is entertaining!  I love this guy, but I will be incredibly surprised if he makes it through.  Honestly, he even sang a little better than the other three.  Still, it’s been a terrible show so far.

Allison Iraheta – Is she on drugs?  Weird girl, but sounds like she might have a nice, smoky voice.

“Alone” by Heart.  Sounds very good right from the get go.  Wow!  She’s excellent.  Blows everyone else out of the water.  Awesome.

Judges agree.  Why am I not a judge on this show?

Kris Allen – Country pretty boy.

“Man in the Mirror?”  Doesn’t seem to fit him.  He’s okay, in a boy band kind of way.  Hits a few bum notes.  Sounds fairly karaoke to me.  He’s getting a little better by the end, but his voice is just not that strong, or if it is, this is the wrong song to show it.  No, I just think he has a weak voice.

Kara is feelin’ me.  Paula is drunk and likes him.  What?!  Simon appears to be drunk too.  Isn’t Simon always the one who says, “This is a singing competition,” and yet he is saying, “You look good and the girls will like you.”  Shenanigans.  I guess that’s why I’m not a judge on this show.

Megan Joy Corkrey – I really liked this girl’s voice in the auditions.  I hope she does well.

Corrine Bailey Rae, “Put Your Records On.”  This will be a good song for her.  Jazzy, fits her voice well.  The arrangement is too low for her voice, so this isn’t as good as it would be if she was in a different key.  She also has a really awkward stage presence, with little twists and oddness.  Still, second best of the girls tonight.

Judges agree.  I’ll bet she’ll be back for the wild card round if she doesn’t make it tomorrow.

Matt Breitzke – Looks like he has no top teeth.  I remember liking him, though.  We’ll see.

This Tonic song (“If You Could Only See”) was huge back in the late 90’s.  He sounds like he’s hitting every note right so far.  The arrangement is really bad.  That electric guitar sounds like crap.  Not a very energetic performance.  He was still better than the rest of the guys.

Judges agree that it was not energetic and was a bit boring.  Sorry, Matt.  But you do have top teeth!  Good job!

Jesse Langseth – Don’t remember her.  Is this the year of the single mom?  There’s been like three or four of them so far.  Contraception, people!

“Bette Davis Eyes.”  She’s not doing it for me, but the original was sung off key too, so maybe it’s on purpose?  Good stage presence, and she looks good up there, but the singing was lackluster.

She should stop talking back to the judges.  That never comes off well.  Judges mostly agree with me, except Paula.  Shocker.

Here’s a quick aside during the commercial break:  Didn’t they say these songs are from the Billboard Top 200?  And yet we have songs from a few different decades already.  So is the requirement that these songs were at some point in the Top 200?  Please clarify.

Kai Kalama – Is this the guy who’s caring for his sick mom?  Where’s the sob story?  Oh, there it is.

“What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?”  This a good song for his voice.  He’s doing a respectable job, but not mind-blowing.  Hmm, it kind of degenerated into some awfulness at the end.  I’m not a fan.

Judges mostly didn’t like him either.  No surprises there.  Sorry, mom.

Mishavonna Henson – That name is a mouthful.

Train, “Drops of Jupiter.”  Starts off pretty well.  Nice voice.  She also pulls off the tough trick of switching up the genders on a song that was originally done by a man.  Her voice has a great tone.  Once the song took off, she had some problems singing in key.  Started much better than it ended.

Judges were considerably less impressed than I was.  Can’t win them all.

Adam Lambert – I don’t dig the guy-liner.  Broadway experience is usually not good for a pop star.  We’ll see how he does.

“Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones.  He’s channeling Elvis or something with those faces.   They slaughtered the arrangement of this song.  He sounds like he’s just screaming.  Not too good for me.  Stick with the theater.

Paula is in love with him.  Simon is confused.  Randy thinks he’s “current.”  Mick Jagger plus Robert Plant plus Rodgers and Hammerstein does not equal “current” in my book.  Kara likes his range.  I don’t get it on that guy.  Sounded like someone in a rock ‘n’ roll musical pretending to be a rock star.

So who will go through?  My predictions are:

Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Megan Corkrey

All right.  Thanks for reading!  We’ll see you tomorrow night!

Update (GW): Thanks so much for covering this, Jason. I’ve written up my thoughts on yesterday’s show here, and the results show is here. We were in synch for a lot of it, out of synch for some of it, and our predictions were the same.


15 Responses to American Idol, 2009 – Episode 14 (2/25/09)

  1. Lacey says:

    What song did Megan sing?

  2. Corrine Bailey Rae, “Let Your Hair Down.”

  3. I mean, “Put Your Records On.” Sorry.

  4. Scherezada says:

    I want Norman to go through. We need to see him more… And I live in Venezuela, so if he ends doing stand up comedy, I’d not see he again! And i LOVE HIM!

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  6. kenamaddox says:

    I don’t think anyoe of this bunch stood out. Maybe next week.

  7. jeslie says:

    Allison is the best so far,she will be a sold out, you’ll see, She is a full packadge, she is not stage fright, She gives her all in stage, She just needs some maturity, she’s young she can learn, She is American and also speaks spanish AND SHE SINGS GREAT IN SPANISH TOO, also represents the Latinos and the Latinos spends alot of money in Music and Concerts, so really this girl covers both worlds. AND PROBABLY SHE WILL BE THE FIRST SPANISH AMERICAN IDOL.

  8. I actually liked Adam Lambert, but the musical theator and strange arrangement left me sort of confused. I really think he was the best of the night, though, on a night where I didn’t think anyone really stood out.

    I also liked Megan Joy Corkrey and Kai Kalama.

    Overall, I thought this was much better than the first 12, though Goki is tops so far.

  9. AMYRB36 says:

    The only person who actually got my attention was, for better or worse, Norman Gentle. I fell out of my seat laughing. Last night’s group was absolutely forgettable–I have no idea why all the accolades for Adam. That was the campiest, overblown Mick Jagger imitation I’ve ever seen. Megan’s voice was good, but her stage presence was incredibly annoying and spastic. Otherwise, they all seemed to be tired and unoriginal. So far Danny Gokey has my vote, but when I compare him to last year’s David Cook or David Archeleta, even he falls far behind. I hate this new format–by this new judging format someone like Norman Gentle could be voted in but a really talented guy like Anoop from last week can only hope for the wild card? It isn’t fair to the contestants nor the viewers who actually want the most talented person to win.

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  11. amanda says:

    What was the name of the song the idols same together at the start of tonight’s show?

  12. I have also the same predictions, except for the last semi finalist. The third semi finalist would be Nick Mitchell, instead of Megan Corkrey. Why? i think America still curious what he would do next.

  13. Jeff says:

    You guys are all wrong. Adam Lambert will win the entire event. Other top runners will be Danny and Alexis. Mark my words. Adam Lambert rocks!

  14. check it says:

    yo kris won and none of yall sed he was good!

  15. check it says:

    plus kris is just amazing!

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