Album Review: The Night Marchers – See You In Magic

I first read about See You In Magic right after purchasing Rocket From the Crypt’s excellent vault release, All Systems Go, Vol. 3. I was excited–I love Rocket From the Crypt, and the Night Marchers is the newest project of Rocket leader John Reis (AKA Speedo).

Unfortunately, the main thing this album did for me was make me really miss Rocket From the Crypt. The Night Marchers make a pretty good racket, but it’s nowhere near Rocket’s horn-and-guitar driven fury.

The songwriting isn’t quite up to par, either. While there’s nothing bad here, See You In Magic suffers from a lack of standouts. The production doesn’t help matters–the whole thing sounds sort of muffled, obscuring what hooks are there.

I hope I don’t sound too negative–while I was hoping for more, See You In Magic is an acceptable garage-rock record, even an enjoyable (if not terribly memorable) one. And the Night Marchers sound like they are probably a lot of fun live. But despite trying hard to launch, See You In Magic never really takes off. Like a rocket would.

Three Stars“I Wanna Deadbeat You”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“And I Keep Holding On”:


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