American Idol, 2009 – Episode 10 (2/10/09)

Idol LogoThank heaven there’s just two more of these “Hollywood round” episodes to go. I watch this show for the competition, not this reality-show stuff, and I’ll be thrilled when the voting rounds actually start.

The judges have to watch 72 performances today? That’s crazy. I almost feel sorry for them.

I’ll say for the millionth time, this blogging doesn’t make much sense until the actual show starts, but it’s too late to turn back now so let’s go.

Hollywood Week, Day Four

Adam Lambert: “Believe” by Cher. I still don’t like this kid, and still think he’s like an effeminate Meat Loaf.

Matt Giraud: This is much better, but his dueling piano player roots are showing, and not in a positive way–it’s all a little cheesy. Respectable, though, and the judges react positively.

Jamar Rogers: This is an excellent performance. I was iffy on him during his tryout, but obviously he was capapble of much better.

Danny Gokey: As usual, a terrific vocal. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Gokey’s clearly a favorite to win the whole thing.

How many times to we have to watch judges deliberating and contestants waiting around? Many, many.

Anoop “Noop Dogg” Desai: “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown. Great song! Strong performance.

Scott MacIntyre: He’s the blind guy, so a sentimental favorite. I have the same objections I usually have with piano players–too much Billy Joel, not enough Jerry Lee Lewis. He’s good, but he sounds like he wants to be Bruce Hornsby or something.

Kendall Beard: I don’t remember her all that well, and I see why.

Stevie Wright: She’s an annoying personality, but her voice has a nice tone to it.

Lil Rounds: Another favorite, good from the snippet.

Kristin MacNamara: Wow. She never stood out to me before, although I thought she was good. She stood out here.

Mishavona Henson: I like the vocal, quite a bit actually, but I wonder if the judges won’t think it’s a little thin–they love those “big voices” and I’m not sure she’s got that.

Tatiana Del Toro: She’s really got to go. Her vocals are nothing special, shrill and overdone. She thinks she did awesome.

Now three people go before me too quickly to type, but I liked Alexis Grace.

Nathaniel Marshall: “Disturbia” by Rihanna. Strange song choice–love the song but not sure it’s such a hot idea in this contest. Of course, we can’t hear it because they’re puting his drama clips over the performance. As if we didn’t get sick of that shit last week.

Joanna Pacitti: Oh, no, this is terrible. Mumble mumble.

Casey Carlson: Blows the words.

Stephen Fowler: Nice voice but he bungled it pretty badly, get’s frustrated, and walks off the stage. Despite Simon’s supposed militance on the issue, they actually let people through who forget the words all the time. I won’t be surprised if they give him another chance.

Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle: I hate this guy. “Georgia on my Mind.” This should end the career of Norman Gentle. Knowing that makes sitting through this garbage worth it.

Anne Marike Boskovich: I like her, but she’s in the same room as Mitchell. If losing her is what it takes to get rid of him, sorry babe.

Ju’not Joyner: Have they ever shown him before? Oh, yes, now I remember. The hat hides his eyes and detracts from a nice bit of singing.

Kaylan Loyd: Terrible performance. I think we know which room is getting eliminated.

Laneshe Young: The homeless human interest story. I like her jazzy performance.

Kai something-or-other: He’s horse.

Michael Sarver: The roughneck. He’s almost certain to go through. Good story, seems like a nice guy, and the voice is solid.

Ah, time to break the news to the first room.


Sorry about that.

Michael Castro didn’t go forward? There’s a silver lining after all.

Danny  Gokey’s room is through, of course. Why did they even try for suspense there?

Oh no! Tatiana is through? Awful. Just awful.

I guess it’s more fun if you have some enemies. I guess.

Just one more hour of this crap, and it’s on to the competition!


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