American Idol, 2009 – Episode 9 (2/4/09)

Idol LogoI continue to maintain that blogging Hollywood week makes no sense, yet I’m doing it anyway. I especially maintain that blogging group round makes no sense, yet I’m going it anyway. And I definitely maintain that I’ll be happy when the  real contest starts.

Hollywood Day Two

Bikini girl is still annoying. That’s all I’m getting out of this so far.

Danny Gokey is still good. That’s something.

This is the most pointless American Idol blog post yet! Oh yes it is.

And Tatiana is really annoying. Oh yes she is.

Can you imagine being stuck in a hotel with these people prima donnas? Hell on earth. Maybe that’s why I hate these Hollywood shows so much.

More bikini girl. Enough!

OK, we’re finally to the part where the groups go up on stage and set off musical stink-bombs. And then, finally, these preliminary rounds will be over.

Let’s get this over with!

First Group: I don’t remember any of these guys off the top of my head but India. A well-done rendition of “I Want You Back,” but did India even sing? They all go through.

The next groups they show are complete disasters. I can’t sing, but, assuming everyone here can, how could they be so bad? I ask myself that every year. Answers have not been forthcoming.

For example, this wretched rendition of “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.” Everyone forgets the words. Emily Hughes is once again part of a train wreck. This will be the last one.

Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers’ group: “Somebody to Love” a capella. Outstanding! That made it worth suffering through this entire episode.

Oh, now it’s time for Bikini Girl and Rose! Shockingly, they seem to hold it together OK, although I wouldn’t go so far as to call the performance “good.”

They finally get rid of Bikini Girl! Sweet!

Poor Rose is gone, too, though. She should try again next year.

Tatiana’s group: This should be awful. Tatiana can’t shut up, as usual. If I’m generous, they’re mediocre, but for some reason they are sending all of them on. Maybe it sounded better live than it did on television.

Tatiana is really, really nuts.

Another drama team: Kristin McNamara is the only one who should go on, and she’s also the only one who isn’t horribly annoying. Can good things happen to good people? They’re keeping Nathaniel, too, for reasons I’m not sure I understand, but Nancy, who came off like a queen bitch, is gone. Of course, the way this show is edited it’s impossible to be certain if that’s the real story, but they’ve manipulated me to the  point where I think it is.

One more week of Hollywood to go? Why did I think it was over? Wishful thinking, I guess.

See you next week, unfortunately.


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