American Idol, 2009 – Episode 8 (2/3/09)

Idol LogoI’d live-blogged previous episodes, but I don’t see much point in live-blogging Hollywood week. In fact, I don’t know what this post will be about. It may not even be coherent. Next week, when we have real performances, the blogging will make a lot more sense. I hope.

Hollywood Day One

They’re going to open with a capella singing, which I don’t understand the point of because they all already did this audition. They start with Lil Rounds, who everyone liked in the auditions. She does the annoying Whitney Houston version of “I Will Always Love You,” and she does it just fine. But I really wish people didn’t like this song.

Dennis Brigham, who was annoying in the auditions, is still annoying.  He never should have made it through, and they’re correcting that error. But wasn’t it obvious to begin with that he didn’t belong here?

Nathaniel Marsh: He’s got a nice voice. Paula critiques the song choice for lack of range. His personality is super-annoying and he looks like he’s about to set off the suicide bomb. I’d send him through, with great trepidation.

Anoop Dog: Still a favorite.

Jasmine Murray: Very good again. She’ll be around.

Rose Flack: A big sob story about having a case of the nerves during early rehearsals sets this up. Ye Gods. Is this human interest crap necessary?

They send the whole group through. Based on the four they showed, no complaints here.

Stephen Fowler: Good performance, and the judges love it.

Jorge Nunez: Good work! He’s allaying some of the worries I had about him.

Von Smith: His facial expression makes it looks like he’s about to kill someone. Simon is ripping him a new one and he deserves it. They let him through anyway, which I don’t understand. Of course, I didn’t understand why they sent him to Hollywood in the first place.

Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle: Man, I hate this guy. But he can sing OK. I wish they wouldn’t let him through, but they are. When will it end?

Jackie Tohn: She still gets on my nerves, but if I’m being objective, she has to go forward. Dammit, why couldn’t she suck?

Jamar Rogers: I didn’t think this guy should have gone to Hollywood, but he’s doing somewhat better now with “California Dreamin’.” Still not magnificent. He’s best friends with…

Danny Gokey: He’s the one whose wife died recently. “A Kiss From a Rose.” Quite impressive. He’s a contender, no doubt.

Danny and Jamar both go on.

Katrina the bikini girl: Please please suck. Please suck. Please. “Breathe” by Faith Hill. I think it sounds thin, although she’s in tune. Kara agrees with me. Simon and Randy are overriding Kara, which is I think is a mistake. Through she goes. Ass.

Sorry to see that Jessica Furney tanked.

Jeremy Michael Sarver: He doesn’t tank.

Jesus Valenzuela: Not quite sure what was so wrong with that compared with some they let through. Not that it was great, but there have been worse.

Emily Wynne-Hughes: Wow, did she ever stink that one up. They’re going to give her another chance. She must have built up a lot of good will at her original audition.

Yeah, blogging all that was kind of pointless. But I guess it’s decent filler until the real competition starts. Which can’t happen soon enough.

Up next: Group Day!


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