All Music Guide Sucks

Actually, All Music Guide doesn’t suck.  It’s an invaluable resource.

What sucks is that their technology is so awful that I’ve been trying to pull up a page for about fifteen minutes now and I keep getting errors.  This happens all the time.

Maybe I can talk a venture capitalist into giving me the resources to fund an alternative that, you know, works?


3 Responses to All Music Guide Sucks

  1. DrLex says:

    A lot could be explained by the fact that their servers run on Microsoft software, notorious for its inefficiency (compare with And their own software is probably written in a scandalously inefficient way too.

    The site used to timeout only when performing a search that returned more than a few hundred results, but nowadays even the home page often timeouts.
    I just discovered that they disabled sorting in the search results, which was one of the most useful features in the new site design. They probably did this because it was easier than rewriting the sort routine in a way that doesn’t choke the server.

  2. Redranger4 says:

    Actually, All Music Guide Does Suck. They never update their database and many of their biographies of great Grammy Award winning musician are sadly out of date. For example, 17 time Grammy Award winning Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny’s All Music Guide biography I think it is flat-out offensive to such a talented artist. In addition, this Metheny’s biography almost reads as if it written by someone who has ax to grind against him. On the hand, I think Pat Metheny’s musical legacy will in fact last for centuries!

  3. Patsy Moore says:

    Uh…yeah. They haven’t updated my HIGHLY erroneous bio in—check THIS out—20+ years. It’s absolutely frustrating to keep finding myself classified as a Gospel artist and compared to people like Kim Burrell, who I happen to think is incredibly gifted but…NOT. ANYTHING. LIKE. ME! Seriously. I honestly believe they’ve cost me sales and potential new listeners. AMG’s information gets funneled into places like iTunes and eMusic and I spend a ridiculous amount of time chasing it down to try to make a living. There’s no human contact, no idea of when corrections will be implemented (I’m going on 3 years now)…Can you tell I’m pissed? ‘Sorry. Thanks for letting me vent. As you were.

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