American Idol, 2009 – Episode 4

Idol LogoAfter a strong start to the season, last night’s episode was awful.  None of the highlighted singers was too much above adequate, and many were bad to awful, including some who made it through.  That’s got me dreading both sitting through and blogging this one.  But I am nothing if not devoted, so here comes another semi-live blog.  Thank God this one’s only an hour.


Back in the South, which is a good thing, probably.

Tiffany Shedd: A little skanky looking, but she’s cute.  Lose the makeup, girl!  “A Hero Lies Inside You” by Mariah Carey.  Oh no.  No no no.  She’s a howling beast.  Goodbye.

Joanna Pacitti: A very good-looking girl, which means she can afford to be mediocre.  She had a record contract with A&M sometime back, and Kara actually knows of her existence.  “We Belong” by Pat Benatar.  Good choice.  Not mind-blowing, but definitely good enough.  I like her, even she’s not really an amateur–I guess they gave up that requirement a couple of years back.

Mark Mudd: Here’s the nutcase they’ve been pushing for two or three episodes now.  “White Lightning” by George Jones.  This sounds like when people who have never listened to country or bluegrass make fun of country or bluegrass.

Wow, they’ve drumming this up as some kind of creepy stalker thing?  How incredibly lame.  I apologize for thinking he was going to  be a nutcase because they promoted him that way and they should apologize for slandering  him on television like this.  Classless.

Brent Keith Smith: Not bad, but not interesting in the slightest.  “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.”  Keeps it brief.  With the right material and a little practice he might grow.  I’m willing to give him a chance and so are the judges.

Bad Singer Montage: Lots of ringers.

Matt Girraud: He plays in a dueling-piano bar.  I hate piano bars–they are even more painful than bad American Idol.  Surprisingly, he’s got a great voice and he’s not as obnoxious as I thought he would be.  They’re telling him to “get some swagger”?  That’s the last thing he needs, or he’ll start acting like he’s in a piano bar.  I could grow to hate him.

Ross Plavsic: Here’s our loony-of-the-week.  Fan-tastic.  “Cara Mia” by Jay and the Americans.  The judges sing along, better than him.  “Love Me Tender,” now.  He sounds like a deep-voiced goat.  See ya.

Alexis Grace: Single mother, and her fiance is in the military.  She’s pretty.  Based on this season’s formula, we know she’s going through.  “Dr. Feelgood” by Aretha Franklin.  What, not the Crue song?  Anyway, she ought to go through and she will.

And great.  We have another human-interest story coming up.

Aaron Williamson: Super-annoying hyper guy.  He keeps yelling and stuff, which I am not in the mood for right now.  CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.”  He’s a ringer.  At least I hope he is.  It occurs to me that he might think this is good.  No, he couldn’t possibly.

Rebecca Garcia: She was on the news and Paula saw her.  Carrie Underwood, “Before He Cheats.”  She’s horrible.  Kara thinks she’s a ringer, but apparently not.  Awww, they hurt her feelings.

Good Singer Montage: Some aren’t bad, but no way the “A Change is Gonna Come” guy should be singing that song.

Which brings us to this week’s human interest story!  Hooray.  I’m thrilled.  Really.

Why are they always the last contestant?  Because the producers know they are going through.

This girl hopped from shelter to shelter when she was young.  Cue the swelling music.

Leneshe Young: Oh, no.  She’s doing an original.

This may be the first time an original song wasn’t a complete embarrassment.  I don’t think it’s going to win any songwriting awards, but not bad.  She’s intriguing without the background story, so I don’t know why they had to beat us over the head with that.  Looking forward to seeing her in the next round.

This was a big improvement over last episode.  Two more potential favorites, a couple who could develop, and fewer irritants than San Francisco.  Jacksonville’s next!


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  1. coffee says:

    i felt sorry for Mr. Mudd since they obviously singled him out as the creep de jour

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