Super Happy Fun Music News: The Wrens!!!

As of 1/13/2009, New Jersey band the Wrens have revamped their website after years of barely any little old activity at all.  Along with the new look, they have given the first official news of their next album.  Beginning on 1/19/2009, the Wrens will officially begin recording work on the follow up LP to 2003’s Meadowlands (which, in case you weren’t paying attention, is only one of the greatest albums of the new milennium.  Shame on you!).  Their label hopes to release the album as soon as this spring, but we’ll see on that one.  If you know the Wrens, you know how to hold your breath.

But wait, there’s more!  Also announced on their spiffy new website is the release of a brand spanking new song titled “Pulled Fences.”  The song is a live recording of the band performing at Abbey Road studios in February of 2008, and they spontaneously riffed off of the chords for an earlier released song written by Kevin called “In Turkish Waters.”  That song was basically a demo recorded mostly on acoustic guitar, whereas here it gets the improvised full band treatment.  Sure, it’s rough, but if they can come up with something this good literally on the spot, I’m hugely optimistic about any new material that’s been germinating, hibernating, mutating, festering, and fermenting in their brilliant skulls for the last six plus years.

Unfortunately for you tightwads out there who are unwilling to part with $0.99 in exchange for a slice of heaven, the song is available for purchase, not for free, from their label, Absolutely Kosher.  Just go download it already!  Do your part to revive the economy by pitching in your 99¢.  You’ll be pleased with the result, not mention content with the knowledge that you’ve contributed to the fight against the global economic meltdown.  America!

Oh yeah, almost forgot.  The Wrens also announced that they will be playing at Austin’s South by Southwest music festival in March of ’09.  The hits just keep on coming! 

Until we have some new videos from these modern day Mozarts (yes, I admit I am a fanboy), here’s an oldie but goodie:

The Wrens – “Boys, You Won’t”


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