Big Hollywood: Conservatives Rock!

Andrew Breitbart, who co-founded The Huffington Post and was (is?) heavily involved in The Drudge Report, has just launched new site called Big Hollywood, which tackles the entertainment industry from a conservative perspective.

As On Deaf Ears‘ token conservative, I mention this not to promote the site (it certainly doesn’t need my help), but it’s worth checking out no matter what side of the political fence you’re on.  Big Hollywood runs a fascinating array of material, including Variety-style box office tracking and predictions, and movie reviews by the extremely capable John Nolte.  In the first few days after launch, liberal scribe John Ridley dropped in to explain that his script for Three Kings was neither “neo-con” nor filmed the way it was written, Jonah Goldberg hypothesizes (quite correctly, I bet) that The Watchmen movie will not be any good and explains why, and Scott Johnson has a piece on the rather odd circumstances under which Elvis and Nixon met for that famous photograph.  There is much, much more, and I’ll be reading this site regularly.

But, being eternally juvenile, my favorite piece so far is “Conservatives Rock!” by “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfield, which is about the top conservative musicians of all time–you know, musicians like Rage Against the Machine and Jackson Browne.  Or the Dixie Chicks:

Without question, the most ardent supporters of the policies of George W. Bush, they boldly released a romantic tribute to the man, called “Cowboy Take Me Away” – knowing it would reduce them to playing small venues. When they followed that up with “Wide Open Spaces,” a sexually-charged song describing how their bodies felt after making love to the commander in chief, perhaps it was “too much information.” Sometimes, certain things are better left unsaid, ladies.

I’m not sure how I didn’t realize “Cowboy Take Me Away” was about a fantasy trip to Crawford, and other fantasies, too!

The thought of the steam coming out of Natalie Maines’ ears if she read this warms my cold heart.


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