Little Known Music Corner: The Teenbeaters

Back in my fledgling days of scouring the internet for new music, I used to have much more sloppy and less refined methods for locating bands on the web.  Mind you, this was back in the days before mp3 blogs (or blogs at all, for that matter), social networking sites, or the massively widespread use of the web as we know it today.  As time has progressed and technology has advanced, it has really become quite easy to stay abreast of new happenings in the music world.  However, it was not always so.

Way back in the dark ages, somewhere around the late 90’s, I became familiar with, a website that allows artists without a record contract to advertise and sell their CDs.  I can’t remember how I first was drawn there, but it was specifically to purchase an album from some now forgotten band.  After that purchase, I made it a point to visit the site in my spare time and listen to samples in the hope of finding something new, different, and/or awesome.  It was during one of these surfing expeditions that I stumbled upon My World, My Sky, a seven song EP by East Coast band the Teenbeaters.

Formerly members of the Jersey band Ours, singer/guitarist Dave Milone and singer/bass player Zambia Greene  formed Teenbeaters with drummer Kevin McAdams and guitarist/keyboardist Jimmy Asciutto.  Their first and only released recording, 2000’s My World, My Sky is a sick and twisted journey through the dark underbelly of rock ‘n’ roll, with songs about drinking, drugging, fighting, fucking, killing, and eating eyeballs.  Told with sickening grit and dark humor, each song is a filthy ashtray full of wickedness and raw honesty, and maybe a little piss and beer added for good measure.  I was instantly hooked and made yet another purchase from

Opening song “ConcreteJungleLove” sets the tone for the rest of this short EP with its tale of sex in the parking lot with a junkie groupie and the ensuing murder of her “faggot Spanish boyfriend.”  Next song “God and Me” tells the tale of a rooftop sniper convinced that the lord is guiding his bullets.  The EP wraps up with the kick ass one-two punch of  “The Damage Done,” a harrowing tale of kicking heroin, and the abuse ballad “Two Hits,” as in “two hits from me, baby/you hit the floor.”  There is a brief hidden track as well, which is a somewhat inexplicably straightforward cover of the theme song to “WKRP In Cincinatti.”  Hidden track aside, the brief but affecting EP delivers a raw, funny, disturbing, emotionally draining listen somewhat reminiscent of Possum Kingdom-era Toadies on a bad acid trip.

Alas, the band apparently lived the life that they sang about, and tales of drunkenness, onstage fights, and general combustibility led to the group’s early demise.  As it stands, My World, My Sky is the only document of a band that could have been great, and it still gets play in my CD player almost nine years later.

The Teenbeaters – “The Damage Done”


3 Responses to Little Known Music Corner: The Teenbeaters

  1. Jose Fritz says:

    The Teenbeaters actually had an EP before My World, My Sky, a set of demos later and a number of other song they never recorded including a blazing PJ Harvey cover. Let me know what you might want to hear.

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    Yeah, now that you mention it, I remember hearing a couple of the demos a year or so later, but I wasn’t aware of the previous EP. It looks like Dave Milone has some songs posted on youtube under the handle “littledannybeater.”

    Other than that, I’d be happy to hear anything you’ve got. Thanks!

  3. Jason Austinite says:

    Actually, now that I think a little more about it, the songs I heard later were from a new band that Zam had formed after the Teenbeaters split. Killaholics, I think.

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