“Shine on Me” by Chris Dane Owens

Described as “a romantic fantasy, music video produced in the style of a blockbuster movie trailer. Inspired by Anime.”

Blockbuster movie?  Blockbuster hair, too!  And blockbuster pu**y tickler.  Blockbuster all the way around, I’d say.

Inspired by anime, or as us rubes call it, Japanimation?  I’m not seeing it.  There isn’t a single alien tentacle rape scene in the entire video.

Apparently, the ’80s will never die…just multiply.

(Chris Dane Owen has no relation to Dane Adrian, so far as I know.)

Via Ace.


3 Responses to “Shine on Me” by Chris Dane Owens

  1. Carol says:

    Chris Dane Owens is, however, the son of broadcast legend Gary Owens.

    I will fully admit that I had a dream sequence in the 7th grade that was suspiciously similar to this music video (but it was set to the music of Vangelis).

    And what does Dr. Doom have to do with the story?

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    I tried to watch that whole thing, but I only made it to about 1:30 before gouging my own eyes out with a pencil, then using same said pencil to burst both eardrums. It was painful, yes, but not as painful as that video. Even now, as I sit in eternal darkness, mashing my fingers blindly on the keyboard in the hopes that this message somehow comes out legible to those fortunate enough to still be blessed with the gift of sight (and literacy), I regret nothing.

    I was also going to give a shout out to Dr. Doom, but Carol beat me to it.

  3. […] “Shine on Me” by Chris Dane Owens was expected to put up more of a fight, but in the end, the opening line of “Back That Thing Up,” “I know you’re scared of that cock-a-doodle-doo,” (when he really means cock!) scored a first-round knockout punch. […]

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