New Music: Glasvegas – “Geraldine”

Okay, sorta new music.  The record came out in September.

Glasvegas, a Scottish band that is making waves across the pond in the dear old UK, have just begun to make ripples here in the US.  Discovered in the same bar as Oasis by the same guy who discovered Oasis, they thankfully sound nothing like Oasis.  Combining uplifting, anthemic, guitar-driven pop/rock with the Glaswegian, Bono-esque vocals of frontman James Allan, the band has found an excellent sound that virtually guarantees that they will make a splash when their current tour hits stateside in January of ’09.  Unfortunately, they will not be swinging through Austin, or anywhere near for that matter.   Their New York, LA, and Boston shows are already sold out, but tix are still available in Seattle and Portland, so check ’em out if you’re int he Pacific Northwest. 

I won’t comment on the fact that a band called “Glasvegas” is not performing in Las Vegas.  How sad.

Glasvegas – “Geraldine”


2 Responses to New Music: Glasvegas – “Geraldine”

  1. blair waldorf says:

    i can’t believe 2008 is almost over. Glasveags were my favorite new comers of the year. And I dug their awesome choices for best of 2008.

    Glasvegas’ top 10 is a featured list on, you gotta check it out.

  2. rory says:

    glasvegas rock…as an exiled scot in england it nearly brings a tear to my eyes. great to hear accents in music instead of usual fake mid atlantic generic stuff.

    though he was a crap footballer lol

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