Faith No More reunion in the works?

Rumors are flying all over the place that Faith No more might be considering a reunion tour.  And by “all over the place,” I mean via Kerrang! magazine and The Guardian.  Word has it that several UK venues have been reserved for a tour in Spring 2009, but the band members seem to have something else to say about it.  Mike Patton has always been against a reunion, but seems to be changing his tune recently.  I hope it happens.  As someone who never saw them live back in the day and has since grown into a much larger fan of the group, I would definitely spring for some tix if they came through my town. 

This post is specifically dedicated to Gordon Winslow’s roommate, Fandon the Fun Marshal, who is the biggest Faith No More Fan I know.

**UPDATE – 2/26/09**  Looks like the rumors were true!  Faith No More will be reuniting (in their most recent lineup) for a European tour in 2009, but no official dates have been released.  No word on any plans for an American tour.  Also no word on if Jim Martin’s wicked fro will make an appearance.


3 Responses to Faith No More reunion in the works?

  1. Fandon the Fun Marshall says:

    Faith No More gives me hope… and change.

  2. Alex LaPointe says:

    How ’bout a “Mr. Bungle” reunion tour?

  3. Steve says:

    I read the article in Kerrang! and it was lazy and sloppy journalism. Certainly not enough evidence to get a mention on the cover! But then again, Kerrang! is in like with the beano as far as it’s journalistic integrity and target audience are concerned!!

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