College Football National Championship: Enter the CUMA

If you are a politics junkie, you are likely familiar with PUMAs.  If you aren’t, PUMAs were Hillary Clinton supporters who voted for McCain-Palin in the general election for a variety of reasons–they felt Obama ran a sexist campaign, they wanted to support a ticket with a woman on it, they thought McCain’s center-right was closer to their center-left than Obama’s far left, and so on.

PUMA stands for Party Unity My Ass.

Although I am a proud Texas Longhorn, I have almost always rooted for the Big 12 team in bowl games, even teams I don’t care for, like Texas A&M, and even teams I hate, like Oklahoma.  I did this to support my conference, the Big 12.

I don’t think I have ever rooted for an SEC team, and I know I have never rooted for a team from Florida.

Until now.

If Oklahoma beats Missouri and goes on to the National Championship Game, as they almost certainly will, I will be rooting for the SEC team, be it Alabama, or, as I suspect, Florida.

My Texas Longhorns beat Oklahoma solidly, on a neutral field.  Other than that, their records are pretty much the same.  These are the facts, and some goofy computer at BCS headquarters cannot change them.

The Big 12 needs to come up with a sensible tiebreaker.   If a sensible tiebreaker had granted Oklahoma its spot in the Big 12 Championship, I wouldn’t have been happy but I would have sucked it up.

Reliance on the BCS is not a sensible tiebreaker.  It has resulted in a grave injustice.

I cannot and will not root for Oklahoma in this situation.

Conference Unity My Ass.

Call me CUMA.


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