The Cult of Snuggie

I’ve always wondered how people get sucked into cults. What takes you from Joe Sixpack sitting on the couch watching Monday Night Football to drinking poison Kool-Aid in some jungle shack with 500 other people. I think I found the answer, they call it………The Snuggie.

It even comes with a futuristic LED mind control device disguised as a reading light (*batteries not included).

Here’s the TV commercial….

Now watch it again, this time with the subliminal messages and music exposed. See the true and terrifying majesty of the LED pop up mind control device…….

All praises to the Cult of Snuggie (Kool-Aid sold separately)


12 Responses to The Cult of Snuggie

  1. Ha! This thing is hilarious! Great post! I saw this commercial on TV the other day and about fell out of my chair laughing.

    I have to admit, though, the commercial is effective- I nearly ordered one just for kicks.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Both the SLANKET and the SNUGGIE are guilty of stealing this idea from the owners and original inventors of the FREEDOM BLANKET, Sean & Jennifer Iannuzzi. The FREEDOM BLANKET was out long before these two companies! The Slanket actually purchased a FREEDOM BLANKET months before they started up their business. AND the Snuggie is an EXACT copy of a FREEDOM BLANKET!

    Now, my question is…Is it fair these two companies are making millions off of someone elses idea that they STOLE?

  3. Jason Austinite says:

    My question is… Do you have proof that they stole the idea or a patent on said idea? If so, you might consider using the American judicial system to seek compensation from the offending companies.

    Or you could just keep posting comments all over the intarwebs questioning the fairness of their actions.

    Note: One of these approaches is much more likely to produce results than the other.

  4. gibsonic says:

    It is becuase of this product that I have instituted a dress code in my home.

  5. Serf says:

    I did a search for Freedom Blanket and found nothing but complaints, maybe that’s why the other 2 companies are more successful

  6. Alex LaPointe says:

    Maybe it was originally called the FRENCH BLANKET but was changed to FREEDOM BLANKET when FRENCH TOAST was changed to FREEDOM TOAST to tell those dirty, dirty un-American FRENCHMEN and FRENCHWOMEN to shut their goddamn ed croissant holes.

  7. […] The Cult of Snuggie (seeing a theme here?) from the On Deaf Ears blog – A commenter on the On Deaf Ears blog says that the Snuggie is a copy of the Freedom Blanket, as was The Slanket. […]

  8. Matt says:

    Reminds me of those Fryer Tuck rob in Robin hood. all they are missing is the hood

  9. chibichick says:

    Just on the subject of changing names of weird things: in World War II, the German-sounding sauerkraut, was changed by the government into “Liberty Cabbage”. This is an example of just how lame the government is.

  10. I can’t believe anyone bought this thing…isn’t it just a bathrobe worn backwards?

    Came here looking for Teenage Death songs..but this was pretty funny, too.

  11. L. Lawrence Fisher says:

    Upon reviewing the myriad, multiple complaints (perhaps numbering in the thousands by now) registered by other Internet purchasers of Snuggie blankets, I realize my own gripe is merely redundant (see for yourself by Googling “customer complaints Snuggie”). Basically what happened to me is what happened (pretty much word-for-word) to the first Complaints Board complainant whose story I read, which I copied and am pasting here now: “I went to the website and purchased a snuggie. It was supposed to be buy one get one free. Then they ask if you would like to upgrade to a more plush snuggie. When you say yes you end up buying 2 getting 2 free and instead of it costing you approx. $40.00 it ends up costing you almost $95.00. I called to have them correct this only to have them tell me that it was too soon for the order to be in the system that I would have to call back in 24 to 72 hours. That the order does not hit the system that soon. I asked well how can you email me an order # that is not in the system? I was told well that’s not the true order # that we use. What a bunch of crap! I’m canceling my credit card. What a bunch of scam artists.” I totally agree. What I did after my own third bowel-roiling phone call to Snuggie customer service (there’s an oxymorom) was to promptly call American Express to dispute the charge. In their usual competent fashion, AE said they’d take care of it. Someone, though, ought to let ABC’s Good Morning America, which touted the blanket in a Saturday morning segment that they’re an unwitting accomplice to a shady cyberspace operator. Well, my bowels have quieted somewhat. The best thing I’ve learned this morning is to always Google a product BEFORE purchasing it on the Internet in order to benefit from other people’s undfortunate experiences. Snuggie blankets are not a warm and cozy product — well, the product itself might (or might not) be, but certainly not the unpleasant experience of purchasing one. Internet buyer beware!

  12. It’s now summer of 2009 and our empire continues to expand. Obey.

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