Bocephus for Senate?

Well, if Al Franken can run (and maybe win with the recount), why not Hank Williams, Jr.?

Country singer Hank Williams Jr. (R-TN) has allegedly “decided he will run for Senate in 2012,” after “consulting with” ex-Senate Maj. Leader Bill Frist and Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN).

I’m a Republican and I live in Texas.  Will my Texan Democrat friends continue their relentless mocking of my party, or will they think this is awesome?  There may be some inner turmoil there.

Can a sitting senator still perform the theme song to Monday Night Football?

Will he run for president next?

So many questions.

This gives me an excuse to post a too-little-heard gem, “That Old Wheel” by Johnny Cash w/s/g Hank.   Alex may recall that I used to play this on my old college radio show.

Unfortunately, the only video of this I can find has a bunch of pictures of Ron Paul stuff for some reason and I don’t feel like making a new one.  No endorsement of Ron Paul implied.  You’ll want to stop it at about 3:14 when the song is over and it switches to a Ron Paul speech, unless, of course, you’re super into Ron Paul.  If you’re super into Ron Paul, you’re in for a double dose of awesomeness.

We aim to please here at On Deaf Ears.

Update: Link to video fixed.  Sorry about that.  Enjoy your Ron Paul!


2 Responses to Bocephus for Senate?

  1. Jason Austinite says:

    As one of your Democrat friends in Texas, I will continue relentlessly mocking your party while thinking this is awesome.

  2. I think Democrat and Republican males can agree that we live to love Texas women.

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