A Late Tribute to the Late, Great Ol’ Dirty Bastard

I remember it like it was yesterday. After a long flight home from 9 days of snorkeling with swimsuit models and trespassing on the “Lost” set in Oahu, I was picked up at LAX by my dear friend, and fellow Wu-Tang enthusiast JJ. He gave me a hug and I threw my carry-on in the back of his car and we took off. No “how was your trip?” or any of the usual cordial greetings just a minute of silence as we navigated our way out of LAX and onto Century Blvd. I had just spent 8 hours on a red eye from Hawaii. I had left at 11pm local time and arrived at LAX at 7am with a splitting hang-over from one too many rounds of Saki at a Japanese bar in Waikiki the night before. As we jumped onto the 405 North to get back to West Hollywood where I left my car, he looked over and asked me: “Did you hear?” “Hear what” I replied. “Did you hear Ol’ Dirty Bastard died?” “Awwww shit!” then silence until we reached Crenshaw.

Russel Tyrone Jones aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard, ODB, Big Baby Jesus, Sweet Baby Jesus, Dirt McGirt, Dirt-Dog, Osirus, Ason Unique, Unique Ason, Joe Bananas, Peanut the Kidnapper, and of course, Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant would have celebrated his 40th birthday last Saturday (Nov. 15)

Instead, he passed on two days shy of his 36th year on planet Earth.

Here are a few of ODB’s dope-lyrics that defy all logic and reason. He was truly one of a kind and there will probably never be a motherfucker as insane as Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

“Dirty? I keep shit-stains in ma draawers so I’s can get phresh and phunky for you!”

“Foos be acting like their gangs anyway be like Warriors come out to Play-ehh!”

“Please nigga, I’m immune to all viruses; I get that cocaine, it cleans out my sinuses”

“I kill all the government microchips in my body; I’m that paranoid nigga, at ya party; I kill all my enemies at birth; SHUT THE FUCK UP, bitch and let me stick my hands up your skirt.

“Keep it nappy or braided up. Dirty in the cockpit, blazin’ up”

“What y’all thought y’all wasn’t gon’ see me? I’m the Osiris of this shit!”

“Y’all know they had the ODB locked down, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that they can’t keep me down. Now I’m free, and I’m out there like a bird flying around, so y’all better leave some birdseed on your windowsills, because I may be flying by your house” – This was while performing onstage with Wu-Tang Clan after escaping from a rehab center, right before rushing offstage due to the arrival of authorities.

“Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Version)”


Oooh baby I like it raw
Yeah baby I like it rawww
Oooh baby I like it raw
Yeah baby I like it rawww

[Verse One:]

Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy ya
gimme the mic so I can take it away
off on a natural charge bom-voyage
yeah from the home of the doge brooklyn scwad
Wu-Tang killer bee’s on a swarm
rain on your collage ass disco dorm
for you to even touch my skill
you gotta put the one killer bee and he ain’t gonna kill
now chop that downpass it all around
lyrics get hard quick cement to the ground
for any em-cee in any fifty two states
I get psycho, killer, Norman Bates
my producer slam my flow is like bamm
jump on stage ah then I dip doown

(I like the way you talk)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Oooh baby I like it raw
Yeah baby I like it rawww
Oooh baby I like it raw
Yeah baby I like it rawww

[backwards verse incorporating part of Verse Two]

[Verse Two: (additional extended verse)]

See, when a nigga say he likes it raw
He means dirty, down to the floor
see my name is the Ol’DB and I’ll beat your ass

for the ladies who know me tell them who the fuck I be
for the niggas who know me tell them who the fuck I be
my style comes down on ya’ll like rocks
by the doc
umm by the flock
by the creak by the flock
got east coast locked down padlocked
my sulu be all all down by the flock

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
[Verse One: repeat]

Yo ya’ll know the lyrics come on sing with me

[Chorus: repeat 2X]


One Response to A Late Tribute to the Late, Great Ol’ Dirty Bastard

  1. This is the problem with Internet lyric sites.

    The correct lyrics are:

    Off on a natural Charles Bon Voyage

    Yeah from the home of the Dodgers Brooklyn squad.

    My personal favorite lyric (from “Baby I Got Your Money”):

    I don’t have no trouble with you fucking me

    But I have a little problem with you not fucking me.

    ODB RIP.

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