The Meadowlands by the Wrens for $1.99

Stereogum is teaming up with Amazon to offer  weekly MP3 downloads of indie rock albums at a steep discount.

This week’s offering is The Meadowlands by the Wrens for only $1.99.  The Meadowlands is one of the best albums of the current decade, and if you don’t own it, this is an excellent opportunity to check it out.

From Village Voice critic Robert Christgau:

The Meadowlands [Absolutely Kosher, 2003]

I keep waiting for the moment when I need to put this away for a while, and it keeps not coming. Instead, four years of takes and tweaks build and cohere–pealing and shifting, wafting and pounding, sinking into babble and soaring into, to choose my very favorite, the bright intro, garbled vocal, and guardedly exultant chorus of “This Boy Is Exhausted.” The theme is failure, take it or leave it–not just failure to get rich and famous, which does rankle, but failure to love. But their labors imbue both aging-alt whines with excitement and dignity. Anybody who can create a record like this deserves more than 13 thou a year. And anybody capable of “13 Months in Six Minutes” deserves another shot at a woman too good to take for granted.


Robert Christgau almost never gives out A’s.

I believe the sale is this week only, so get on it!

One Response to The Meadowlands by the Wrens for $1.99

  1. Jason Austinite says:

    The greatest album I’ve bought in the last ten years, hands down. So great, in fact, that I’m tempted to buy it again (but I won’t).

    Seriously, if you have not heard this record yet, buy it. Your paltry $1.99 will rarely ever get you so far.

    And a new album next year (supposedly)? To quote Veruca Salt (the character, not the 90’s alt-chick rock band), “I want it now!”

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