New Music: Chairlift – “Planet Health”

If you’re not familiar with the Brooklyn-based band Chairlift, not to worry.  Unless you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t ever watch television, you have certainly heard their poppy tune “Bruises” on one of the latest iPod commercials.  I decided to check the band out based on a good review I read of their new album Does You Inspire You, completely ignorant of the fact that it was the same band from the aforementioned commericial.  Interestingly, the rest of their music is pretty far away from the fun, bass-and-drum-machine-driven pop of “Bruises” and instead mines the synth-heavy 80’s sound of Roxette or Berlin.

That doesn’t sound like a positive review, and if I were to read that myself, I would probably immediately dismiss the band, but it really does work for them without getting overly cheesy.  The sound of “Planet Health” is incredibly authentic.  So much so that I’m whipping out my parachute pants and DayGlo Oakley Razorblades™.


“Planet Health”


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