New Star Trek Trailer

Trailer day!

I saw this last night before Quantum of Solace but it’s not legally available online for some reason.  Here’s a bootleg.

Star Trek!  Now with added sex and violence!

I still don’t know what to make of this.

(Bootleg removed–see updates)

Update: Skip the bootleg and see it in much higher quality at the official movie site.

Update 2: I think this is the official YouTube version, with much better picture than the bootleg.

7 Responses to New Star Trek Trailer

  1. Alex LaPointe says:

    Holy Fuckin Fuck Fucks!

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    Yikes. That looks very Michael Bay-ish. Especially the opening scene with the Corvette. And isn’t this supposed to be set hundreds of years into the future? Doubtful that there will be many Vettes around at that time, especially in areas accessible enough for young rapscallions to steal and drive off of cliffs.

    But I guess that’s just how badass James Tiberius Kirk was as a ten year old.

    I’m glad I was never a trekkie, or else I might be very disheartened by that trailer.

  3. Is that Uhura that Kirk is boning? If so, I’m going to be pissed.

  4. According to this article, linked at Drudge, it is Uhura. I can’t tell you how angry this makes me. This is not what the Kirk-Uhura relationship was about in the original series, and it shouldn’t be in some “relaunch” or “re-imagining,” either. It’s just wrong. It’s a betrayal of these characters and who they are.

    I’ll quote, as I often do, blogger Dirty Harry:

    And the sexual subtext of the original series between these characters goes *poof* — thus undermining one of the great moments in television history, the forced kiss between Uhura and Kirk in “Plato’s Stepchildren.” And this wasn’t a great moment because it was supposedly the first interracial kiss, it was a great moment because it brought to the surface the unspoken between these two. But, what the hell — who cares, right?

    Paramount: Please do not do this to the characters I love. Cut this scene! I’m begging you.

  5. Alex LaPointe says:

    What’s your big deal about this? I always thought Uhura was too asexual in the original series. You know Kirk would try to tap that and maybe that is why there was sexual tension in the original series because they hooked up one night when they were young and stupid which is totally plausible.

  6. There’s no way I can argue this without sounding like a prude, so I won’t put much more effort into it than I already have.

    I think it’s way out of character for both. Kirk violated rules when he needed to in order to serve a greater good. The rule against fraternization doesn’t strike me as one either Kirk or Uhura would violate.

    Live long and prosper.

  7. I also need to bring up that Kirk doesn’t know how to drive 20th century vehicles. This was established in “A Piece of the Action.”

    Yes, I am a pathetic löser gëëk.

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