Obama Commemorative Victory Plate

I’m Back. (In Black)

Yep, it’s FINALLY here! The Barack Obama commemorative plate. Watch the whole commercial on the website. I laughed my ass off at the end when the dude and his family are like “I thought this day would never come.” Is he pissed? He sounds kind of pissed. Of course he isn’t pissed! He wasn’t talking about the election of an African-American president. He probably voted for McCain. He was talking about the firing of a ceramic plate commemorating the election of an African-American president. I want the commemorative plate commemorating the first commemorative plate commemorating the election of the first African-American president.

Now that’s a PLATE you can believe in!

I think my favorite part in the commercial is when the guy is at his desk writing a letter or something and he glances over at his Barack Obama Commemorative Plate and nods his head and smiles like he was all “Man I just CAN’T write this letter to the editor of Readers Digest. “YES YOU CAN” -Thanks Barack Obama!!”

Check out the image, they spelled certificate, cirtificate. Now that’s a Spell Checker you can’t believe in!


Check out Lewis Black and the Daily Show’s take on the Obama Commemorative Victory Plate. Just remember, you heard it here first at OnDeafEars.com.

UPDATE 2 (GW): Here is the commercial on YouTube.  The official site may not be there forever, and we can’t have a classic like this going away just because the election is fading in the rear view mirror.

UPDATE 3 (GW): You may also want to check out the report I filed after my trip to the Obama store.  No, I’m not joking.


46 Responses to Obama Commemorative Victory Plate

  1. Patrick Bateman says:

    Wow, that’s…special. What exactly does the Certificate of Authenticity authenticate? That the plate is in fact a plate? It’s not a copy of a plate, it’s a bonafide plate.

  2. Could they have found a worse photo of Obama? It’s so dorky, he doesn’t look like he won the presidency, he looks like he won the spelling bee. Clearly a Rovian plot.

  3. Brisco County says:

    That was creepy. It’s like the producers of those coin commercials from the 80’s came out of retirement.

  4. Jason Austinite says:

    And you can only buy two of them? What kind of horse shit is that? What if I want a full set of twelve crappy plates? I guess I have to ration my own plate intake so there are enough to go around. Smells like socialism to me…

  5. Nikki J. says:

    I love how they use the term “kind eyes”. I hope this isn’t the reason people voted for him. Oh yeah, I remember, people voted for him because he is a good orator! I will never support the American Historic Society ever. What a joke!

  6. Adam W says:

    This wonderful plate branded by the American Historic Society is manufactured in…guess where?…..ding…China. I called TeleBrand to verify myself. 973-227-8777 After 10 minutes they finally dug up the information and reluctantly told me. How Patriotic. Obama on the front with 22K gold (and probably lead paint) and on the back (Made in China). Good start towards bringing back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.A.

  7. Amanda Ryan says:

    This could be a Saturday Night Live skit……..It’s hilarious. Who would order this, unless it was a jokester playing a prank on someone.

  8. Steve says:

    creepy stuff. The whole family together gazing in awe of the great one. Could be late 1930’s Germany…..

  9. Lisa says:

    I’m gonna call tomorrow to order plates for mine hole family. Don’t have no money, but Barack promised me that I could stay in my house even though I ain’t got no job so I am sure he be able to get me free plates. It be the least he can do for me, seeings I voted for the man 17 times!

  10. Tiffany says:

    Why don’t you all get over your own personal hangups and try to support him! After all, HE WON!!!!!!!!! If McCain was on a plate….you would be beating the doors down to get some for the entire family. We really need to start growing as a country!

  11. pete says:

    This is great! i will get one and put it with my “drill here, drill now” bumper sticker!

  12. writechicpress says:

    That was funny! Who would order it??? I’ve never understood the whole collector plate thing.

  13. HungriestHippo says:

    Are these plates microwave and oven safe?

  14. AFriendOfSarahConnor says:

    I hope so, even better if they’re dishwasher safe too.

  15. Vix says:

    I never thought I’d see anything to rival that 9/11 silver-plated coin certificate (genuine LIBERIAN tender) . . .but OMG!! How much do the people in these ads get paid??? Enough to compensate for the fact they’ll never be hired for an acting job ever again?

  16. Alex LaPointe says:

    “His confident smile and kind eyes” as opposed to McCain’s “quivering grimace and shifty eyes”

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  18. ovines says:

    If you are not interested in buying a plate then it is your perogative. All the ancillary comments are unnecessary and uncalled for. Not only does this country need to UNITE, it needs to GROWUP…

  19. ovines says:

    No one likes a SORE LOSER…

  20. StrongMoveOn says:

    “GROWUP”, “SORE LOSER” Now those are unifying words. You won. You got what you wanted. And the sad thing is you don’t even know that you are the losers.

    “cirtificate” as in birth cirtificate?

  21. Brisco County says:

    Ok everyone, STOP IT! Stop the infighting! Can’t you see that this Obama Commemorative Plate is tearing us apart?!

    This plate is made to UNITE us, like a mayonaise/mustard potato salad.

  22. roxy says:

    lisa I bet $100.00 you are not even a africian american, fake

  23. roxy says:

    Lewis black is a hater, call the KKK Lewis they are the only ones who care what you have to say.

  24. Anita says:

    I am caucasian and catholic, not that it matters. We are all one under God, or whatever relegious belief you worship. We have been divided way too long, and it’s about time we come together! It’s this very separation that has brought us to where we are today. This is not just about Barack Obama; he is only 1 person. It’s about ALL of us. We MUST stand united. Our country is in termoil, and such negativity only continues to divide us. If Barack Obama were white, would he be different? NO! So please, put aside anger and hate, it only makes you ugly. As John Lennon so elequently stated, “Give Peace A Chance.” Peace comes from within. It is much more soothing to the mind, heart, & soul to be peaceful, than carrying hatred in your heart. Hate = Pain & Ugliness. Peaceful = No need to explain. This word is self-explanatory. God Bless All of You!

  25. Jane Young says:

    Every time CNN runs this ad, I crack up. My mom is freaked out that a black guy won. Guess what she’s getting for Christmas!

  26. Zhanaya James says:

    Commercials that followed the events of 9/11 were [many times] crass, vulgar, opportunistic and [most were] downright stupid but since they were all supposed to conjure up feelings of patriotism and beat the war drums, no one minded and the country “came together” until our beloved President W. declared war on an obscure country. Still, even with him in office, we made excuse after excuse for him and his stupidity and bought and sold all sorts of ridiculous items such as Commemorative Plates until we found ourselves in the midst of a depression and we all know why we are now where we are and if you are truly honest, you will note that it is not entirely Fannie and Freddie who have brought us here. The War in Iraq is costing money that could fix our economy five times over yet we are arguing over a Commemorative Plate. The jokes about it are fine because the commercial is really laughable. And, more people SHOULD become more aware about buying things made in America. At Bed, Bath and Beyond, of all places, it took almost a half hour for me to locate a SALT AND PEPPER shaker that was made in the USA. After that experience, I now refuse to buy anything not made in the USA. Yet, the racism I see in these posts against Obama is remarkable. I can only praise the people who respond with peaceful and positive remarks, the antithesis of people who would rather have Palin for President than Obama. And, although I sould expect this by now, it still amazes me. The misspelling of “certificate”is also laughable since I count the grammatical errors made daily by those university bred folk who should certainly know better like the overpaid anchors who don’t know the difference between the nominative and objective case, who will say “Between You and I” and swear they’re right, newswriters who confuse “its” with “it’s” on the news crawlers, and those who use the past tense for the past participle because they just don’t know it exists, etc. But the mention of the spelling of “certificate”is confusing because someone ignorant who can’t spell is probably at the helm of the Commemorative Plate thing but Black people are not the ones selling those ridiculous plates.

  27. Wayne (Texas) says:

    Has anyone noticed that the picture on the plate shown on the TV Commercial has Obama’s face reversed?

    The mole near his nose is shown on the right side of his face on the plate, when in fact it is on the left side.

    Now that is an Authentic Photo. (NOT!!!). ww

  28. Jean in Ohio says:

    Obviously many have not checked out listings for presidential plates from previous administrations listed on e-bay. While checking those out they could view such appropriately named jewels as the Ronald Reagan “In a Smog Plate”, and also check out George W. Bush “Mission Accomplished” and “Turkey for the Troops” action figure dolls.

    Get a life folks!

  29. Anne Pole says:

    I’ve just about killed myself a few times rushing to watch the commercial, and now I’ve even stopped the You Tube tape and pressed “Zoom” to try to prove to myself that one of the books on the bookshelf doesn’t really say. “JOYCE JAMES” on the spine!!!!!!!! The zoom is too fuzzy for me to tell. Is anyone techno-savvy and bored enough to check this out? Lord knows what the other books are titled

  30. Dave in Jersey says:

    I thought I was the first to notice, but you beat me to it Wayne! Yes, they screwed up the photo of our next president! It’s backwards. It’s their way of ‘changing’ history (which is ironic when you consider it’s being offered by the American Historic Society!) If this were coin collecting, a screw up like this would be worth millions! But in this case it just makes the stupid plate even more worth-less.

  31. Yikes, what’s next? Commemorative toilet paper? I love Obama so much, I’d wipe my ass with him! How about tampons? Or, excuse me, Obampons. There could be a Obampon commemorative case: More Than Just a Stopgap.

    Made in China, contains lead, you’re gonna die warning labels?

    I wouldn’t worry about that. I let my kids eat off them. Even the two-headed one.

  32. PoorTom says:

    Well should it surprise anybody that Americans will buy anything…made in China…lead paint?? Increase in value???? “limited to 65 firing days” How many millions of these can be made in 65 firing days??? Our economy is hurting but many poor people will fall for this crap…They should spend the money maybe on food/clothes/heat/mortgages…oh I’m sorry..OBama is gonna give them big bucks in the spring. Nevermind.

  33. Mason says:

    You know this wasn’t authorized by Obama – not with that vulgar lapel pin or flag in the background… now, maybe if it had his ‘O’ symbol on it I could fall for its authenticity…

  34. David says:

    Yep, I can get one of these plates, and eat my pork & beans off of it and think about Obama the whole time! I wonder why this manufacturer didn’t have the guts to be formal, and use his whole entire name: Barack Hussein Obama. The inauguration is the only time he’ll permit anyone to say it out loud.

  35. Larry says:

    Check out this nice spoof : obamapaperplate.com

  36. CHEECH LAVIA says:

    Don’t forget folks, these wonderful commemorative plates are guaranteed to become a “Family Heirloom” in just a few short years. Also, they have limited the production to only 65 firing days. Of course they failed to mention that 90 million plates will produced each and every day. Is this a great country or what?

  37. pete says:

    Did anyone else notice that on the plate Barack’s facial mole is on the wrong side- so much for “authenticity”!

  38. Steve says:

    All I knew when I saw this was that it was ripe for a comic revision, hope you enjoy :-)

  39. Greg says:

    My friends and I thought the guy smiling lovingly at the plate then turning back to what he was doing was reading “The Purpose Driven Life,” the book writtn by Obama’s right wing preacher buddy who’s going to give the Invocation.

  40. Daisygirl1962 says:

    My mother purchased 2 and then used a different credit card the next day to get 2 more (you know…in case they were on to her game to hoard plates). What a riot! Isen’t America great!!!

  41. STEVEN says:


  42. eve22 says:

    These comments are really sad, but not unbelievable. This just proves that the majority of caucasian people are really intimidated by this intelligent & intellectual man (who is, by the way of mixed race (mother is white!!!!). It would have been ok to have MCPALIN running the country (one old, angry man & a really dumb woman); but people can’t seem to get past their racial hangups. Do you ignorant individuals out there believe that he’s going to round up all the white people and condem you to be slaves (how ironic and pathetic). It’s okay for us to vote for a white man or woman; we’ve gotten over the racial issue on that point. Reading all these comments just reiterates the reality of all the insecure, immature, ignorant and racist people in this country; which by the way, belongs to the American Indians!!!!

  43. Any future self-righteous crap like the last post will be deleted. Please do not post unless you have a sense of humor. Do not post if you think that making fun of an Obama plate makes someone a racist. It doesn’t–a McCain plate would be even funnier. Do not post if you assume that all of the people posting did not vote for Obama–I happen to know that many of them did. Do not post if you think that people who didn’t vote for Obama are automatically evil. And if you want to get on a high horse about a humor piece on a plate, you seriously need a life.

    Eve22, you are a sad parody of the American Left. If it wasn’t obvious that you are far too dim to pull such a stunt off, I would think that you were an undercover Republican trying to make the Democrats sound so ridiculous that it would drive people into the arms of the other side.

    I was in Walgreen’s yesterday and saw that they are selling these very same commemorative plates for about $20. The box says “As Seen on TV” and they still have the mole on the wrong side of the President-elect’s face. Only 65 firing days! Get ’em while they’re hot!

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  45. js says:

    When will the Obama toilet seats be available

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