500 Miles To Memphis – “Keep It Together”

I was doing some random blog surfing a few months back, and I stumbled across a site called Can You See The Sunset From the Southside?  I’m not quite sure how I got there through my obsessive quest for new music, but the first link I clicked on at the site was a review of a record by a band I had never heard of.  The band is called 500 Miles To Memphis, and they hail from Cincinatti.  Their album, titled Sunshine In A Shot Glass, is a fun journey through the always entertaining genre of cowpunk, and the glowing review from CYSTSFTS piqued my interest.  I downloaded the two free mp3s posted below the article and played through “Keep It Together.”  My friends, I was hooked.

My experience with cowpunk is mostly limited to bands such as the Meat Puppets, Lucero, Nashville Pussy, Reverend Horton Heat, Old 97’s, and Hank Williams III, but I have always enjoyed what I have heard.  500 Miles To Memphis is no exception.  They take a modern chunk of more radio-friendly power pop somewhat reminiscent of Blink 182 or Green Day and blend it with twangy steel guitar and country harmonies to create an incredibly fun sound.  The hook of the chorus on “Keep It Together” is formidable, especially just after the Def Leppard-like guitar solo at 3:03.

I will be buying this record.  Thanks to CYSTSFTS for spreading the word and getting me hooked on a great band.  The search continues!

500 Miles To Memphis – “Keep It Together”


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