Election Day 2008: “You Can Vote However You Like”

I hope you’ll allow me a moment of sentimentality and patriotism.

Today, we will vote on who will be our 44th president.  We’ve been doing it for over two hundred years.

On January 20th of next year, whoever wins tomorrow will be sworn into office.  President George W. Bush will not send in the military so that he can remain in power.  And four or eight years from now, President Obama or McCain will hand over the reins to his successor (or if the unthinkable happens, President Biden or Palin).

The peaceful transition of power is largely taken for granted in this country, but today, reflect on how extraordinary, and sadly rare, it actually is.  And be proud to be a citizen of the nation that practically invented it, and has bestowed that gift on many other countries around the world, often at the cost of the lives of men far greater than you or I likely will ever be.

News and politics junkies like me have probably seen this video already, but maybe more sensible people haven’t.  Yes, it’s based on the T.I. song.  Yes, it’s kids singing.  No, it’s not partisan, nor nausea inducing, nor creepy.  It’s a  delightful celebration of our democracy that I think will put a smile on your face.  You may be in a sour mood Wednesday morning if your guy loses, so why not start Tuesday in a happy fashion?

I would like to meet the music teacher, civics teacher, history teacher, or whichever teachers put this together, and shake their hands.  I hope it becomes a tradition at whatever school this was filmed at.

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