Campaign Song Flashback: “Viva President Carter” and “Jimmy Carter Says ‘Yes'”

Although I have provided in-depth coverage of campaign songs throughout this election cycle, I do not want anyone to think that the campaign song, as an art form, began in 2007.  Campaign songs have a long and proud tradition, and it’s one that should be celebrated.

Here is a double feature of song poems about our 39th president.  “Jimmy Carter Says ‘Yes'” is pretty famous in the song poem world, but I couldn’t find the full-disco version on YouTube so I put it up myself.

“Viva President Carter” I discovered here.

Yes, I mostly used the same images for both videos.  Texas plays Texas Tech in less than an hour so I have to get to the bar.  And exactly how much work do you expect me to put into making videos about Jimmy Carter?  Bloody ingrates.

“Viva President Carter” by Lino Laskey:

“Jimmy Carter Says ‘Yes'” by Gene Marshall:

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