“Obama Be Thy Name” by Makadem, plus Vote or Die!

Yet another in an endless stream of songs about Barack Obama.  The difference is <gasp!> this one actually displays musical talent.  The culty-messiah thing is something that bothers me about Senator Obama’s more enthusiastic supporters, but one expects a certain amount of messianism with reggae, so in this instance it’s only a minor demerit.

So far as I know, this is by Kenyan musician Makadem, although details are hard to come by (OK, I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into researching the topic).

I prematurely declared the best Obama song to be “Obama is Beautiful World.”  I did this before Election Day!  As a Republican hoping for a miracle, what was I thinking?  I, of all people, need to believe that it ain’t over ’til it’s over!

In order to promote democracy worldwide, let’s vote on it.  Vote or Die!

OK, you busted me.  I’m only doing this to try out the new WordPress poll thingamajig.  Be forewarned, if you vote for “Some other Obama song” and it out-polls one of the two candidates, I’m going to have to have a runoff.  And you have no idea what awful Obama song I might bring to the table as the competition (I’m leaning “Dear Leader” by the Children of the Corn, although Boy George is tempting).

And since I’m only doing this to try out the thingamajig, I won’t be insulted when there are exactly three votes.

In other musical election news, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry has endorsed John McCain.  Alas, no campaign song.  Say it ain’t so, Joe!  Since I insist on posting these damned things, I’m sure our readers would appreciate more songs from musicians, who are, ya know, competent.


2 Responses to “Obama Be Thy Name” by Makadem, plus Vote or Die!

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  2. Buju Banton–nice screen name. ‘Til Shiloh is a great album.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    This site is non-political for the most part, but it was hard to write about campaign songs (I wrote about many) without sharing my perspective to some extent on what they were about, at least without making the posts boring. I tried to be respectful and any jabs I took at Obama or his supporters were light-hearted. My mostly liberal co-bloggers weren’t offended!

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