“Halloween” b/w “Halloween II” by the Misfits

While there were plenty of other choices, what other Misfits song was I going to pick for our inaugural Halloween Theme Week?

The single “Halloween” was released on October 30, 1981. It and its B-side, “Halloween II,” appear on Collection II, although old-school fans are likely more familiar with the overdubbed version from the 1985 compilation Legacy of Brutality.

This day, anything goes
Burning bodies hanging from poles

Here is a fan-made video featuring not-terribly-appropriate but cool footage from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And here’s the B-side, “Halloween II”

According to Wikipedia, the Latin translates as:

Ancient formulas of exorcisms and excommunications
that witches and those made wolves believe
I maim now the demon clothed in wolfskin
Having to hide in the hollow of a tree
I say werewolves can change shapes.

Happy Halloween!


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