Pitchfork Be Stealin’ Yo Thunder, G Winslow!

I was perusing Pitchfork this morning, and I found an article on their website that raises some suspicions of perhaps a few shady dealings.  Marc Hogan has written an article titled “You Can Vote However You Like,” which outlines several songs from the campaign trail, including many that have been mentioned by Gordon on this here blog.

Because I am smart, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Hogan and Pitchfork Media have knowingly lifted the idea from this website, and as such I have hired an esteemed attorney to pursue a civil case against these thieving members of the liberal media elite on Gordon’s behalf.

Also, they apparently did not agree with my review of Blitzen Trapper’s new record, so they deserve any suing that they get!

P.S.  No, Pitchfork, I’m not really suing you.  Have a sense of humor, already!


One Response to Pitchfork Be Stealin’ Yo Thunder, G Winslow!

  1. It took bloggers to break the fake Bush Air National Guard story last election cycle, and it takes bloggers at On Deaf Ears to break all of the great campaign songs this cycle. Your reign of terror is over, big liberal Pitchfork media!

    Our big media overlords, who think they are so much better than us plebes, missed “Obama is Beautiful World,” which has gotten more spins on this site than “Margaritaville” at a frat party.

    And I still have some October surprises. And some November surprises.

    And I will, uh, be stealing a couple of them from posts I read at Pitchfork, including that one.

    PS: Also no love for Cocoa Tea? Damned big liberal biased media!

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