Finally! “Sarah Smile” by Lloyd Marcus

I’ve had quite a few posts this election cycle on campaign songs.  Most of the songs were about Barack Obama, but I did manage to dig up a couple about John McCain.  However, there were no songs about the polarizing and hot Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

Until now.

Introducing “Sarah Smile” by Lloyd Marcus, a black conservative artist and musician.  Yes, such a person exists.  What a great country!

I hate the Hall & Oates song on which this is based, so it’s no shocker that I think this is horrible despite my proud membership in both the VRWC and the Sarah Palin Fan Club.  But hey, there was simply no way I wasn’t going to post the only Sarah Palin song I could find (well, other than “McCain-Palin Tradition” but she got second billing on that one).  Obama’s had more than his share, and this is still worlds better than that frightening Children of the Corn ditty.

Still no luck finding a Joe Biden song, and yes, there really is a Sarah Palin Calendar.

And yes, just under a week until my campaign-song posting madness is over.


One Response to Finally! “Sarah Smile” by Lloyd Marcus

  1. Alex LaPointe says:

    My God that sucks.

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